Rocky and Sheena: An Alta Veranda De Tibig Engagement Shoot

December 15, 2017

Christmas holiday is almost within our reach, but while we highly anticipate for it to come, let us all put our attention into today’s pre nuptial feature. This gives us a glimpse of how fruitful the partnership of Rocky and Sheena has been and how it will be in the future once they get married. We’d say, their lives will be blessed with abundance.

Apparently, the theme of the shoot seemingly matches the word—abundance—as they shot this in a discerning location. Alta Veranda de Tibig speaks for itself as it shows off its grandiose facade, perfect for a bit of dramatic takes and layouts. Proudrad and Tippingpoint Collective did really well in showcasing the location while focusing on the couple. We love every bit of it.

Photographer: Proudrad | Reception Venue: Alta Veranda De Tibig | Prenup Stylist: Tippingpoint Collective | HMUA: July Avellana | Prenup Location: Alta Veranda De Tibig 

A Dubai Engagement Session

December 1, 2017
Unlike many other Muslim cities in Asia, Dubai prides itself for being an open city. People from different places and races are welcomed, giving them the title for being a multi-cultural pot. There’s no denying then that Dubai attracts thousands of tourists. But what’s apparent nowadays is that the city is becoming a popular engagement session. Let’s take for example the case of Kevin and Cath in today’s feature.
Looking at the photos, the couple seems like they made the right decision. Not only did the photos make the couple standout, but it also showed how insanely beautiful and Instagram-worthy Dubai is. Kevin and Cath romantically posed against the backdrops of Dubai Marina Yacht Club, Dubai Desert Safari, and the ever-famous tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. This session has also proven what Nice Print Photography & Exige Weddings can bring to the table.

Photo: Nice Print Photography & Exige weddings | HMUADarwin Perez | LocationDubai Marina Yacht Club, Dubai Desert Safari & Burj Khalifa