Lights and Love: An Engagement Session

July 4, 2019

Dreamy lights and mischievous smiles equated to a day full of love. For our newly engaged couple, a relaxing, fun-filled, and romantic mood was the way to go. Their photo session was just a delight to look at. They had this great vibe and energy together. They looked so perfect whether they put on a serious or a smiling face.

There were three parts to this wonderful day. First, they had an intimate moment together while playing by the river. Then, they had a fun time under the warmth of the sun. To end the day, they went on a romantic stroll surrounded by enchanting lights that set the mood for them. Check out their cute photos together taken by Simply Snazzy.

Photo: Simply Snazzy | HMUA: Andreu Ariola and Zeus Ariola

Elegance Meets Bohemian: An Engagement Session

July 3, 2019

Today’s engagement session proves just how fun it is to mix and match styles. The free, relaxed, and natural bohemian vibe was matched with an elegant and sophisticated style. Their scenic backgrounds also made the entire shoot fashionable. Our couple was really able to successfully pull of the peg they were trying to achieve.

The rustic charm of The Old Grove Farmstead really made this engagement session extra memorable. As the couple posed and romantically held each other, the talented team from IceBox Imaging captured their photos. Our words can’t really tell you how beautiful this photoshoot is. So we’ll just let you look at the photos below:

Photo: IceBox Imaging | Location: The Old Grove Farmstead | HMUA: The Make Up Studio of RB Battad | Stylist: Styling by Yvonne Camay | Coordinator: Chalebrations Events Planning and Management