Love Through The Lens

February 26, 2015

Just imagine all things in the universe of wedding photography fall into places, then you would have a product as compelling as this. The photography, styling, and concept work well together to come up with a creative output that sets the bar higher. It is even more special when this shoot is centered on two great minds who are about to embark in a new journey together.

Toto and Nicolai, who both captured each other’s hearts through the lens, are two of today’s in-demand wedding photographers and ready to give others a run for their money for their great tastes for and ways of looking at the vista of life. With both laudable résumés, this couple does not deserve any less for this shoot. Good thing, they found themselves in good hands in ProudRad.

We say this shoot is nothing short of greatness. It deviates from what is normal in the wedding scene with so much flair. The styling balances off the photography and instantly reminds us of fashion shoots shot in the sunny valley of California. We then commend the Tipping Point Collective for this whimsical-with-a-dash-of-drama themed shoot.

Behold. This is just a preview for what the union can be. Let’s wait once the universe collides again.

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Photography: ProudRad / Styling: Tipping Point Collective / Hair and Make up: Gery Penaso



February 24, 2015

“There’s a rainbow always after the rain.”

Who can ever forget this famous high-pitched line from the song of the band, Southborder? We’ve always associated rain with tears, grief or sorrow. But sometimes, we just need to look past those things and find something positive with it. That’s what our couple, Marv and Joy, did for them to have a phenomenal time with their engagement session with CamZar Photography. Their love story was similar to those cheesy romantic flicks we’ve all lined up to. College-mates. Boy is a friend of a blockmate. Boy too shy to speak to the  girl. Come thesis time (and also the last year in college), boy mustered the courage to ask the girl out. And the rest is history.

Shot in Two Gardens, Tagaytay, CamZar Photography never let us down with their breathtaking photos. Even when the sun was too shy to peek under those sea of clouds, they still managed to capture the look of love between our couple. Did they do the rain dance? Or was it just the power of their love and faith in Him that things turned from a disaster to a blessing? Whatever it is, we just knew that they had a great time and an exceptional team.

The words of our blushing future bride says it all, “No matter what the weather is, the couple’s feelings about each other and the talent of their team are more than enough to let the happiness and love shine through.”

MarvandJoyPrenup01 MarvandJoyPrenup02 MarvandJoyPrenup03 MarvandJoyPrenup04 MarvandJoyPrenup05 MarvandJoyPrenup06 MarvandJoyPrenup07 MarvandJoyPrenup08 MarvandJoyPrenup09 MarvandJoyPrenup10 MarvandJoyPrenup11 MarvandJoyPrenup12 MarvandJoyPrenup13 MarvandJoyPrenup14 MarvandJoyPrenup15 MarvandJoyPrenup16 MarvandJoyPrenup17 MarvandJoyPrenup18 MarvandJoyPrenup19 MarvandJoyPrenup20 MarvandJoyPrenup21 MarvandJoyPrenup22 MarvandJoyPrenup23 MarvandJoyPrenup25 MarvandJoyPrenup26 MarvandJoyPrenup27 MarvandJoyPrenup28 MarvandJoyPrenup29 MarvandJoyPrenup30 MarvandJoyPrenup31 MarvandJoyPrenup32 MarvandJoyPrenup33 MarvandJoyPrenup34 MarvandJoyPrenup35 MarvandJoyPrenup36 MarvandJoyPrenup37 MarvandJoyPrenup38 MarvandJoyPrenup39 MarvandJoyPrenup40 MarvandJoyPrenup41 MarvandJoyPrenup42

Photographer: CamZar Photography / Location: Two Gardens, Tagaytay / Styling and Hair & Makeup: Indie Hippie Prenup Styling / Videographer (Behind-the-scenes video): The Knotcase Philippines