Beyond the Walls

December 16, 2014

Intramuros became a popular backdrop for engagement shoot, reception venue, and even for outdoor weddings. This so –called walled city was once the top of mind of couples and wedding photographers for shoots because of the elegance that this place exudes and the history it entails. We strongly believe, though, that Intramuros today, despite several equally interesting place that mushroomed in the metro, is still a go-to place for shoots, and we feel like that it has so much more to offer.

This is true and to prove, here are the photos delightfully taken by Jay Santos. This is the e-session of the good looking pair, Ken and Mayzelle, who can be seen in fine outfits. But inspite of the beautiful pieces they are wearing, we love even more the couple’s passion. And this is evident here. The passion they bring transcends through those formidable walls and goes beyond our screens. That is what this walled city can offer. See and feel it!

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Art of Love

December 12, 2014

We have another interesting feature for you, our dearest readers. Here is an e-session shoot of the charming couple, Vermont and Sarah.

This shoot is as interesting as the location. Pinto Art Museum, which is tucked in the rural highlands of Rizal, is the backdrop of this session. So how could this not be any more artsy, right? To add, Rabbithole Creatives manages to down play the accessories as the setting has already been a strong prop. The styling is very smart because we have seen the two different personalities of the couple—from being cute and adorable to unleashing the elegance with a hint of being sharp and sexy. The couple is so cute while playing with water colors, whereas they are so slick in that suit and one-shoulder red dress. We adore it! We also commend the work of Benjie Tiongco for taking the wheel and drive us to this den of creativity and letting us peek at this couple’s relationship, which is painted with love and colors.

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Photography: Benjie Tiongco Photography /Hair and Make Up: Toni Rodriguez Make Up Artistry / Concept and Accessories: Rabbithole Creatives / Venue: Pinto Art Museum