Rustic Regals

May 16, 2015

Are you familiar with the setting of famous period movies like “Sense and Sensibility” and “Becoming Jane” — well, Jane Austen film adaptations? Classic, regal and rustic.

Imagine yourself with your loved one dining out in a verdant green lawn, under the clear blue sky, cool breeze and sun rays grazing your skin, complimented by those exquisitely designed tea cups, wines, mouthwatering macarons and cakes, how elegant is that? Add to that the wooden crates, dice and well-thought-out tent completing the backdrop for this shoot. What more can you ask for? (And those rustic candelabras and eggholders are to die for!) These perfectly described the overall theme of our featured e-session today. Our couple, Raymond and Myra, undoubtedly personified their dream engagement with the help of the wonderful collaboration of our “customary” Dream Team of Team Benitez Photo and The Wanderlust Productions. Let’s give our curtsy to them for doing a job well done.

RaymondMyra-1 RaymondMyra-2 RaymondMyra-3 RaymondMyra-4 RaymondMyra-5 RaymondMyra-6 RaymondMyra-7 RaymondMyra-8 RaymondMyra-9 RaymondMyra-10 RaymondMyra-11 RaymondMyra-12 RaymondMyra-13 RaymondMyra-14 RaymondMyra-15 RaymondMyra-16 RaymondMyra-17 RaymondMyra-18 RaymondMyra-19 RaymondMyra-20 RaymondMyra-21 RaymondMyra-22 RaymondMyra-23 RaymondMyra-24 RaymondMyra-25 RaymondMyra-26 RaymondMyra-27 RaymondMyra-28 RaymondMyra-29 RaymondMyra-30

Photographer: Team Benitez Photo / Stylist: The Wanderlust Productions


May 12, 2015

Are you a camera? Why? Because every time I look at you, I smile.

There you go. There’s our best pick-me-up for this Tuesday morning. It’s cheesy, but it’s something that will truly put a smile in your face, won’t it? If not, here is our today’s feature that will surely brighten up your already-stressed day.

The theme for this pre wedding shoot is, nonetheless, pick up lines: a very fitting concept for a jubilant couple like Cy and Phoebe. We just don’t know if the couple, or anyone of the couple, is a fan of either John Lloyd Cruz or Toni Gonzaga, but this somewhat reminds us of the blockbuster flick, “My Amnesia Girl”.  As we scroll down the photos, we can’t help but smile from ear to ear, seeing how this concept reflects the sunny disposition of the couple. Of course, this shoot would not be this light and fun yet meaningful if not because of Josie Carreon who spearheaded this project. Thank you for capturing these pick-me-up moments.

1cy-phoebe-jtc 2cy-phoebe-jtc 3cy-phoebe-jtc 4cy-phoebe-jtc 5cy-phoebe-jtc 6cy-phoebe-jtc cy-phoebe-jtc3 cy-phoebe-jtc5 cy-phoebe-jtc6 cy-phoebe-jtc7 cy-phoebe-jtc8 cy-phoebe-jtc9 cy-phoebe-jtc10 cy-phoebe-jtc12 cy-phoebe-jtc13 cy-phoebe-jtc16 cy-phoebe-jtc21 cy-phoebe-jtc22

Photographer: Josie Carreon / Hair and Make Up: Dane Tamayo / Location: UP Diliman, UP Bonsai Garden