Before I Do: Finding the Right Make Up Artist

November 11, 2014

Women have always this inexplicably glow during their weddings. Brides are so divine you will just utter, “She must be the most beautiful bride has ever walked down the aisle.” While we cannot discount the fact that women have natural inner glow, we must also commend the makeup artists who help them enhance their radiant and resounding beauty.

While there are several competent makeup artists in town, it is necessary for the bride-to-be (also for the groom and the entourage) to find the right hair and makeup artist who will help her unleash that awesomeness. It is not only important that the artist has laudable portfolio and long list of clienteles, but also an artist who can forge both personal and professional relationships with everyone, including the entourage and other suppliers.

We sit down with the international airbrush specialist and professional bridal makeup artist, Hazel Gonzales, to talk about finding the right artist for every bride. For those who do not know Gonzales, which we highly doubt, she has travelled around the globe to perfectly craft her skills, leading her to put up her own upscale makeup and photography studio, the HG studio.

Here she lists down 7 essentials tips:

  1. Know your working budget. Wed-to-be’s must keep in mind how much you are willing to allot for hair and makeup. Remember that you are also going to pay for the gown, reception, and others. You must also decide whether or not you are shouldering the payment for the hair and makeup of your entourage. If yes, then have a list of the names of your bridesmaids and ninangs to be included.
  2. Search for makeup artist. Look for a makeup supplier on the internet or if you have employed a wedding coordinator, work with them well and ask for a list. You may also ask your relatives and friends who already got hitched for referrals. This will be more helpful as you can ask for their feedback. And if you are an avid reader of blogs, especially Merry to Marry blog, then you will read about their works and see their official websites and contact numbers.
  3. Check the makeup artist portfolio. Since the world is more technologically savvy unlike before, these artists have their own websites now, showcasing their works.  Take advantage of visiting their social networking pages as you can see comments and feedback from others.
  4. Have a short list. Once you gather and check their portfolios, it is necessary to choose at least 3 makeup suppliers that you prefer. Keep it as short as possible.
  5. Call them. With your top 3 or so suppliers, get your phone and dial the contact numbers of these artists. Inquire through phone about the rates, their schedules, and other matters.
  6. Meet the suppliers. After calling them, it is now time to meet them personally. Here, you will have the feel who among the suppliers can help you achieve your desired look and not only who is after milking out your coffers. The artist should be able to empathically listen to your needs and wants and not the other way around. Do not let the artist hijack your look. Of course they can advise and recommend things, but the final say will be yours. This is also an important stage where you can feel who you can work with better. Before deciding, ask these suppliers to have a makeup test on you.
  7. Book the makeup artist. It is crucial that you have a reservation with the makeup supplier. Do not rely on verbal agreement. Have at least a pencil reservation or any agreement with the supplier.

Also, here are some of the works of Hazel Gonzales. Be enthralled with these stills:

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Hues of Love

November 10, 2014

Here is a new colorful feature that will take your usual Monday blues away. This is Anthony and Marj’s fun and playful engagement shoot by Paopao Sanchez.

The shoot is literally and figuratively a playful one as they use the children’s playground at a park as the backdrop. With this setting, they look like kids gleefully running around, but at one point, they look like teenagers who adorably pester each other. But overall, we know they are two individuals who are much in love with each other.

Our smiles are from ear to ear while browsing these photos. Thanks Paopao Sanchez for yet another great shoot. We feel how colorful the couple’s relationship is. As one of the signboards says, “I am happy to be stuck with you.” Brace yourselves to get stuck with these stills.

image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image6 image7 image8 image9 image10 image11 image12 image13 image14 image15 image16 image17 image18 image19 image20 image21 image22 image23 image24 image25

Coordination: Carlo Abaquita / Styling: Geof Lagria / Photography: Paopao Sanchez