A Stunning and Scenic Engagement Shoot In Rizal

March 12, 2019

Our adventurous pair literally took their love to new heights when they had their breathtaking engagement session on top of a mountain. Atlas and Jaja decided to leave the bustling city and took a fun hike instead. The warm and earthy mood of the environment plus the couple’s natural chemistry were all beautifully captured by Conspire The Universe.

Looking at their photos will really make anyone want to pack their things and head to the mountains to have a photoshoot of their own. If you’re still not convinced, here are some of the photos that will leave you speechless.

 Photo: Conspire The Universe | HMUA: Angela Enriquez Hair and Makeup | Stylist: Pixie Collective Styling | Crew Meals: Jackrew Meals Location: Treasure Mountain and Pililla Windmills Tanay Rizal



An Engagement Session by the Sandy Shore

March 6, 2019

Behind every theme and concept lies a bigger and deeper story. Steph wanted to have an engagement session somewhere with sand because it represents the love they have for each other. As she said, “it may seem plain and vague, but despite the nothingness of it, as long as we have each other, everything will be filled with love“.

It was beautiful and heartwarming, especially with the kind of passion and personality they have. It was raw and real. Too real that it will leave you asking questions. Myio Okamoto Photography surely did a wonderful job in exhibiting another engagement inspiration.


Photo : Myio Okamoto Photography | Video : Jason Magbanua | HMUA & Styling : Madge Lejano |