A Sunrise in Sagada

November 12, 2018

Out of all the stunning and picturesque places this country has to offer, Carlo and Julia opted for a sunrise in Sagada engagement session. Dreamy and sentimental, be captivated and fall in love once more with the help of Colove Studios beautiful takes. After all, we deserve some inspiration to start this beautiful week.

Every photos conveys a story and seeing these is like getting a grasp on their amazing love story.  I can’t think of a more romantic way on how to celebrate this love if not for the sunrise that gloriously work as their beautiful backdrop. The cool ambiance and intimate mood  makes the perfect pieces to wrap up this e- session, with their twinkling eyes and lovely smiles that truly illuminated and shined beyond other things.

    Photo : Colove Studios | Video : Light Vision Films | HMUA : Glam Hour by MJ Sazon |


Dark and Sultry

November 9, 2018

Dark and sultry with a hint of sexiness in a gloomy ambiance is how I can delineate today’s featured story. Geof Lagria, our skillful and brilliant stylist astound us once more in this striking e-session. If other couples were willing to experience destination esesh, surely this couple had the same thoughts. All the way from Manila they wander and explore Cebu just to work with the team and the results were impressively visible.

Through the dramatic captures of Brian Rimer Photo, Joice and Mikko without second thoughts imposingly shows how posing at the camera should be done. The aura they produce did not leave us hanging, for it can’t be mistaken and presently evident on their eyes. The mood, ambiance and the backdrop work hand in hand to generate a what can we consider a work of outstanding artistry.

Photo : Brian Rimer Photo | Video : Point Up Films | Stylist : Geof Lagria Styling | HMUA : Arcelli Rago  |