From Classmates to Sweethearts: A Postnup Session

July 1, 2019

Recently, we were able to share with you Juris and Jewel’s adorable engagement shoot. They had us swooning over their lovely photos and now we can’t wait to share with you an update on their love story. The graduation season reminded Jewel of how grateful she is to their Alma Mater – the University of the Philippines, where she met the love of her life during her kindergarten days. Yes, their love story goes way back and that’s what makes it more romantic.

They finished their undergraduate studies together and had to be in a long distance relationship after. But no matter how great the distance was between them, their love for each other never wavered. Now married for a few months, the two of them look so happy together. Here are some of their post-nup photos taken by Foreveryday Photography. We just can’t help but feel a little jealous and say, #goals. Happy scrolling!

Photo: Foreveryday Photography | Location: University of the Philippines Integrated School

A Day in Kyoto

November 26, 2015

Today, let us all take a side trip to one of the prominent cities in Japan — Kyoto. With the scenic and picturesque features of this city, there’s no doubt why it was the chosen location for the post-wedding session of Mark and Melissa.

Stunningly photographed by Jeff and Lisa Photography, the couple lovingly engaged in a day-after session. Well not literally a day after their wedding, since they flew to Japan a week after the union. For the couple, it was also a trip to the honeymoon boulevard, that’s why you will see the couple’s warm love on the way they look at each other during the cool weather of the city.

Kyoto-Engagement-01 Kyoto-Engagement-02 Kyoto-Engagement-04 Kyoto-Engagement-06 Kyoto-Engagement-07 Kyoto-Engagement-08 Kyoto-Engagement-09 Kyoto-Engagement-10 Kyoto-Engagement-13 Kyoto-Engagement-14 Kyoto-Engagement-15 Kyoto-Engagement-17 Kyoto-Engagement-18 Kyoto-Engagement-19 Kyoto-Engagement-21 Kyoto-Engagement-22 Kyoto-Engagement-23 Kyoto-Engagement-24 Kyoto-Engagement-26 Kyoto-Engagement-27 Kyoto-Engagement-29 Kyoto-Engagement-30 Kyoto-Engagement-31 Kyoto-Engagement-32 Kyoto-Engagement-33 Kyoto-Engagement-34 Kyoto-Engagement-35 Kyoto-Engagement-36 Kyoto-Engagement-38 Kyoto-Engagement-39 Kyoto-Engagement-40 Kyoto-Engagement-41 Kyoto-Engagement-42 Kyoto-Engagement-43 Kyoto-Engagement-44 Kyoto-Engagement-45 Kyoto-Engagement-46 Kyoto-Engagement-47

Photographer: Jeff and Lisa Photography /  Location: Kyoto, Japan