Above the Clouds and Under the Stars: A Prenup Session

September 6, 2019

Today’s prenup session will definitely take you on cloud nine – and we mean that literally! Aside from the warm and fuzzy feeling this set gives, the photos look incredibly stunning. With the cloudy and mountainous backdrop, we definitely felt our jaws dropping while looking at the photos.

But the session does not end with that. After the golden setting of the sun, the gorgeous blanket of bright, twinkling stars appeared. And of course, the team from Carlo Acetre Photography did not let this moment slide. Have a look at the lovely photos of the soon-to-wed couple below.

Photo: Carlo Acetre Photography

Road to Fur-ever: A Prenup Session

August 14, 2019

Prenup sessions never fail to make us feel warm and giddy inside. Seeing two people who are so in love just lightens up our mood. And for today’s soon-to-wed couple, their sweet gazes and smiles are not the only thing that made this whole session so adorable. With them is their fur baby who obviously can’t wait for them to get hitched.

Dressed in comfortable and chic outfits, the couple took a stroll and had a wonderful time just being by each other’s side. Seeing them together creates a light and fun atmosphere which is why we can’t get enough of their photos. Have a look at the highlights by Memories.jpg.

Photo: Memories.jpg | HMUA: Razie Estinopo Makeup Diary | Venue: The Oriental Luxury Suites Tagaytay