A Classic Engagement Session With a Dash Of Retro Style

November 1, 2018

And just like that we finally bid goodbye to October. I hope my dear readers, that you will welcome this new month with only positivity and good vibes. To shed some light on this gloomy Thursday morning, Niceprint Photography is here to deliver us a tasteful and artistic pre-wedding session through a series of their amazing takes.

A Classic sophisticated with a dash of a retro style is what’s in store for us today. Our lovely couple’s outfit gave us that strange and familiar feeling as if we’re back on our 90’s. More than that, the serene setting is a scene to behold. I can’t think of  another way on how to better achieve a vibrant set-up without Mr. Sun being part of it. How it illuminated the place as they candidly and lovingly smile and laugh just want to melt my heart away. Niceprint, surely knows how to capture those candid and realest moments, no wonder they are one of the sought after wedding photographers we are privileged to have as of the moment.

An Engagement Session That Will Take Your Breath Away

October 29, 2018
With the trend and modern lifestyle we have today, it’s not surprising that engagement sessions got a little extra these days. At this point, couples are now willing to spend a fortune or even flock into different countries, setting us that high standards on how engagement sessions should be. Set in the enchanting paradise of New Zealand, Mayad Studios literally took our breaths away. You better watch out, cause prenups has never been this good.
Magnificent, dramatic, picturesque, surely words will fail to comply in portraying how this masterpiece come to life. The set-up is like a scene that only in books and in our imaginations exists. That intimate feeling plus the tranquility of the surroundings creeps into our heart minute per minute. Seeing these astonishing photos will undeniably give you that euphoric feeling. I have no words, just pure amazement.

Photo : Mayad Studios | Location : New Zealand