A Dreamy All White Engagement Session

August 14, 2018

When you were still a little kid have you ever imagined yourself being a princess? That in the future you’ll be married to a prince charming and both of you will live in a huge and gold castle. A well-built kingdom filled with fresh flowers, fairies and cheerful people everyday. A life full of magic and enchantment just like what happened to Cinderella and Prince Charming. If you did and if you’re still hoping for this kind of engagement at least, then you’re absolutely on the right page. Today, I will feature an engagement session which screams sophistication and elegance unto its every photo.  An indoor set-up in a dreamy white florals exquisitely designed by Geof Lagria, aesthetically captured by Alvin Asayas Photography.

To describe this set-up as magnificent, will be the understatement of the year. This adorable and good-looking couple was able to give us a mystical and utopian vibe as they lovingly gazed unto each other in their three-piece and sweetheart-neckline dress. The floral-arch backdrop evidently live its purpose together with the white metallic framed lantern to achieve a melodramatic atmosphere. Who says fairy tales are only for the royalties?


Coordination : Carlo Abaquita | Photo : Alvin Asayas Photography | Styling : Geof Lagria | Hair & Make-up : Michael Nacis |



An Engagement Session held at El Kabayo, Subic Bay

August 11, 2018

Hello, dear readers! Hope you are all having a great time spending your weekend and to some who have pending activities they planned to finish, I wish you all the strengths and encouragements needed to execute your work accordingly. As promised, I’m back with an engagement session which involves a lot of horses.  Yes! Princess and Medel opted for an outdoor pre-nuptial session held at the beautiful grounds of  El Kabayo with the  picturesque view of pastures and stables. Who says being a little different isn’t fun?

This couple was able to give us a playful and romantic vibe as they candidly posed at this welcoming attraction in Subic Bay. From a picnic date concept down to a romantic date in their princess’s and prince’s attire. It felt like they were just tourist enjoying the astounding greenery view of the nature as they were feeling the amazing peace and serenity. We can’t help but fell in love not only with this solemn view but with the couple’s idea as well, Kudos to Fresh Minds Digital Photography for perfectly capturing this moment.


Photo : Fresh Minds Digital Photography | Coordinator : Sir Junrey’s Coordination Team | Venue : El Kabayo Stables  |