Glennrich & Rhoderyn: A Construction-Themed Engagement Shoot

November 23, 2017

Often times you will hear people complain about the lack of new ideas. That’s not true. Ideas are all over. The truth is, it’s now becoming too difficult to decide on the engagement theme because of several options available. We certainly believe that if you just look around you, you will eventually find the perfect e-sesh theme for you.

Just like Glennrich & Rhoderyn who found solace in the construction site. Yes, you’ve read that right. Today’s feature is about this construction-themed engagement shoot and we’re spazzing! Mud? Check! Backhoe? Check! Safety hats? Check! Everything was on point and this site at The Glens Tagaytay was the absolute backdrop for this theme. We don’t know how Yvonne Camay pulled it off but she did! Arvin Simbulan also came through with these exhilarating photos, dare we say!

Theme: Construction theme | Photo&video : Arvin simbulan Photography | Prenup Stylist: Styling by Yvonne Camay | Make up : Rolly Catingco | Hair color : Snip Hair Studio | Prenup Dress: Aida Madamba | Location: Construction site, The Glens Tagaytay

A Japan Engagement Shoot

November 15, 2017

Recently, we took you to Nami Island in South Korea for an autumn-themed prenuptial shoot. After which, we flew all the way to New Zealand to celebrate the union of Anne and Erwan. But if you think it will stop there, think again as we will travel back up north and brave the streets of Tokyo. Yes, you read that right!

We are with The Perfect Grey to follow this engagement shoot. We posted a lot of shoots in Japan already, but we haven’t seen any e-sesh that highlighted the busy and often overwhelming streets of Tokyo. And oh boy, we love it! The photos just made us want to pack our bags, buy that plane ticket, and leave for The Land of the Rising Sun. Despite the hustle and bustle, as well as the background noise, The Perfect Grey found a creative way to make the couple stand out. They’re so adorable whilst soaking up the magnificence of the city with hands held tight.

Location: Tokyo, Japan | Photo: The Perfect Grey