Finding Love and Hope Amidst Challenges: A Touching Prenup Session

July 16, 2019

Life can be so unpredictable and at times, we can’t help but wonder why bad things happen to us. And our couple for today has been through a series of tragedies in just a matter of days. One of their twins passed away leaving them with broken and grieving hearts. However, to make matters even worse than it already was, they became homeless after a fire engulfed their home. All of these challenges happened while they were a few weeks away from their own wedding day.

During these devastating events, we found comfort and hope in the amount of outpouring support from the netizens. The couple was on the verge of cancelling their already planned wedding when different suppliers offered a helping hand. They were able to have their prenup session thanks to Wildfolks Studios team. They were styled by Geof Lagria under the coordination of Carlo Abaquita.

Have a look at the heart-tugging photos below:

Photo: Wildfolks Studios | Video: PointUp Films | Stylist: Geof Lagria | Make Up: Rizza Cincoflores | Coordinator: Carlo Abaquita

A Chic and Laid Back Prenup Shoot

July 11, 2019

Love is always unpredictable. Two people sharing the same interests fall in love. Sometimes, love finds its way towards people with opposite personalities. And love makes everything work out, no matter how long. It always comes through, if you’re really destined for each other.

Today’s soon-to-be husband and wife have two not-so-similar personalities. But against all odds, they’re finally tying the knot after almost a decade. They had their prenup session with none other than Nice Print Photography. And they wanted to showcase their personalities through their photos. Our future groom is a very laid back kind of guy. And so they had a part of their photo session in a very relaxed and natural environment. Just them being candid, genuine, and chummy. In contrast, our future bride is pretty chic, thus the dramatic photo shoot in a yacht. Looking at their photos, you’d realize just how true this saying is – opposites attract. Enjoy browsing through their photos below and let us know what you think.

Photo and Video: Nice Print Photography | HMUA: Katrina Guzon | Stylist: Styling by Melange