A Japan Exploration Engagement Shoot

February 28, 2019

Aside from obtaining yourself a great partner, marriage is also about finding your best travel buddy, discovering things together while enjoying the company of each other.

That’s why it’s no brainer that Kloyd and Kathleen opted for an exploration type of engagement concept. They traveled several parts of Japan and the results were nothing but amazing. They certainly delivered tasteful and aesthetic results through the snaps of Ralph Lee Photography. They looked wonderful wearing their stylish chic outfits that you can easily detect them from a sea of people. Their engagement session is ideal particularly if you love to travel together. If you’re now curious then you better scroll down and see it for yourself.


Photo : Ralph Lee PhotographyVideo : Michael Jamandre (MJ Films) | Pink Formal Dress : The Minimalist by Keena Tria |


A Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar Engagement

January 25, 2019

Got that ‘thank God it’s Friday fever’. Happy Friyay our dearest readers! Today we’re blessed to end this beautiful work week with an engagement session from Foreveryday Photography.

Our couple, Toshi and Jme opted for three types of engagement shoot. The traditional princess-like type, the casual & relax and lastly the romantic boat ride. Every classification exudes a different type of aura and personality, but if I’ll have to rate my favorite it would be the one wherein the groom is in his traditional barong tagalog while the bride is in her long trail deep blue velvet gown. The mood they display radiates so much class and elegance that you won’t have a choice but to watch their every move. It was classic and traditional only in a modern era. Check this blog to see for more.


Stylist : Yvonne Camay |