Aries and Yanie: The ‘Lion City’ Roars Louder with this Prenup Shoot

November 9, 2017

Despite its small land size, Singapore enormously thrives as its economy goes stronger than ever. As such, millions of tourists set foot in this concrete jungle every year to experience the fierceness of the so-called, Lion City. Part of its greatness are the towering skyscrapers and hole-in-the-wall alleys that are great backdrops for Instagram-worthy photoshoots, and here’s CamZar Photography to show us a solid proof.

This duo went to the Lion City to follow the travel of Aries and Yanie. And as expected, it did not disappoint as we saw a bit of the love story of the couple against the array of unique architectural designs. While the city boasts a mixture of the aggressiveness of the West and the oriental of the East, the couple shows us why they blend well together and perfect for each other. With the deafening love, we hear the city roar.

Couple: Aries and Yanie | HMUA : Glamour by Genaly | Location: Singapore | Photo: CamZar Photography