The Aftermath of Taal Volcano’s Eruption: Making Sure Your Dream Wedding Still Turns into a Reality

January 13, 2020

The famed Taal Volcano is one of the most popular tourist spots in Batangas. The majestic view plus the cold temperature made Batangas and Tagaytay the most sought-after wedding locations in the country. Weddings take place in the area on a daily basis. Rain or shine, knots are tied.

Just yesterday at around 1 in the afternoon, Taal Volcano – which hasn’t erupted since 1977, spewed ash resulting to the evacuation of thousands of residents. As seen in the photo below by Nice Print Photography, a heavy cloud of ash dimmed the skies, and turned into a background you just don’t see everyday.

A day has passed and we are still on the look out for updates. Batangas has already declared its province in a state of calamity. Of course, neighboring towns and provinces are also fearing hazardous eruption within the next few hours. Among those waiting for the latest news and developments are soon-to-be-wed couples. Dreaming of a beautiful wedding in Tagaytay or Batangas. Unfortunately, the effects of the natural calamity will create logistical problems. Some roads have become impassable and are heavily coated with ash, furthermore, flights have also been cancelled. This incident also poses a lot of health risks and it will take weeks before affected areas are declared safe. [Read: Ash blanket stalls travel, markets as thousands flee rumbling Taal]

These create the question all brides never want to ask, “What will happen to my dream wedding?” To help you figure out what to do, we consulted with a professional wedding coordinator, Events By Miss P. Find out below how you can still turn your dream wedding into a reality.


If you really want to hold your wedding in Batangas or in Tagaytay but the current situation does not permit, consider moving your wedding date. But note that moving the date does not simply mean that you’re going to just call or message your guests to let them know. Changing the date is more than that. You are bound to talk to A LOT OF PEOPLE.

Few things to take note if you’re changing the date of the wedding:

Availability of the suppliers – Make sure that your suppliers are still available on your chosen date and can still accommodate you.

Review the contracts – Have a look at your contracts again and find out if your suppliers will charge you for changing the date of the wedding. Often, suppliers have this clause written in their contracts. However, due to the nature of the calamity, it would be best to still talk to your suppliers and see if they will be considerate.

What if your guests have already booked their flights for your wedding? What if you really have to get married on that day but the venue is still unsafe for everyone? Let’s consider the next alternative.


It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Here are some things you have to consider when changing the venue:

Everything will follow – If your ceremony venue changes, everything else must follow suit. From the hotel preparation up to the reception, all the elements and suppliers have to be informed about the changes.

Check with your suppliers – You need to get in touch with your suppliers who are based in either Batangas or Tagaytay. Ask them about their current safety status and ask if they can still accommodate you on your wedding date, at a different venue.

Out of town fees – if you’re planning to move your wedding to Manila, ask your Manila-based suppliers if they can still revise the contract and waive the out of town fees. This will lessen the costs of changing venues.

For both plans, whether you’re moving the date or changing the venue, never forget to check your budget and weigh which option is more feasible. Check the contracts with suppliers and look for the applicable fees if you’re going to move the date, change the venue, or cancel. If there’s no refund due to natural calamities, force majeure, acts of God, and the like, try to talk with your suppliers.

A natural calamity like this is the last thing that we want to happen on a special day. However, we cannot foresee or predict these things. What we all have to remember is that, we must always find a solution. After all, we want weddings to be the most memorable day in a couple’s life.

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