The Royal Wedding Madness: Here Are The Top Songs You Need to Play on Your Wedding

May 23, 2018

Still hangover from the Royal Wedding that happened last weekend? We know, because we still are! Millions of people have tuned in to witness the so-called ‘The Wedding of the Century’. People have tuned in for so many reasons—Markle’s dress, the ceremony itself, and possibly for the first kiss of the newly bestowed Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

(Photo by Danny Lawson / POOL / AFP)

But little did we know, we’d be taken for a great treat as quality music and performance filled the whole Windsor Chapel. It’s so good that there are many good people compiled the songs. Therefore today, we want to list down some of the songs (now available on Spotify) to relive the royal wedding:

1. Ave Maria: 19-year old cellist, Sheku Kanneh-Mason, was one of those who rose in popularity as he played in front of the royal family and for this special event. And among the songs he played, Ave Maria was the easily most recognisable. This Franz Schubert’s classic tune also saw a rise in the number of streaming plays on Spotify, proving the influence of the family and the occasion.The other two songs he played that you might want to check out are Maria Theresia von Paradis’ Sicilienne, Gabriel Fauré’s Après un rêve.

2. Stand By Me: This classic song by Ben E. King was excellently revived by Karen Gibson and The Kingdom Choir. When you thought this song couldn’t get any more beautiful and epic, these talented people just stepped in and slayed us all! Black excellence, indeed!

3. I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me): It was reported that the newly wed danced to this Whitney Houston’s banger. This disco-infused tune was a surprise but was a perfect choice for the two to showcase their fun-loving personalities.

The Royal Wedding on Spotify


A Parisian Postnup Session

April 17, 2018

It has already been said that love will lead you back to where it all started, and Francis Libiran and Christian Jacobs could strongly attest to that. Following the first anniversary celebration of this power couple, the two found themselves back to the city where they met at crossroads—Paris. The City of Love has been instrumental for the love story of the two. The man who is chasing his dreams met the man of his dreams.

This is no coincidence as we believe they are meant for each other. It’s only fitting that the couple went back to Paris and took this postnup session to celebrate their first anniversary. The vibrance of the city as the background for this shoot resonated well with their sweet smiles and passionate stares at each other. Just by looking at this couple, the battlecry #lovewins could be an understatement.

Photo: Sweet Escape