The Crimson Boracay Of Our Dreams

September 25, 2018

I first set foot on Boracay a few years ago, 2014, for a #LaBoracay event. I have been to a lot of beaches in the Philippines and stalled going to Boracay because I prefer the more serene ambiance, the unspoiled spots. But hey, I’ll be with good company and it would be a weekend of partying and another beach to explore so that summer, Boracay was finally ticked off from my bucket list.

It was overall a fun experience but It did not surpass those I had from the neighbouring islands where I experienced the most vibrant street parties balanced with the most tranquil weekends of my life. I wished Boracay was more of what was seen in photographs from decades ago.

Start of summer 2018, I was searching for somewhere to go when I read of Boracay’s Station Zero. A Crimson Hotel just opened and since I loved my experience in Crimson Mactan, I decided to go back to Boracay with the hope of having a new view of the island. Plus, Crimson Boracay being located in “Station Zero” sounded really promising.

Upon arrival at Caticlan airport, we were greeted by the Crimson’s staff who led us to the van that will take us to the property. The ride was quite long due to heavy traffic but the staff engaged us in a tour-ish conversation and told us of the recent developments in the island.

I was amazed when we finally reached the hotel. The beach front of Crimson Boracay was what I actually dreamed of. It suddenly occurred to me why Boracay sand was deemed the whitest and finest of them all.

                                                           Photo from : Crimson Boracay’s  Facebook account

The amenities were top of the line and even the overall architecture was exuding with class. I so adored the toiletries, surely it was carefully picked to give the loveliest experience the guests deserve.

                                                         Photo from : Crimson Boracay’s  Facebook account

After a quick tour, we were famished and headed to Saffron to grab our dinner. Everything was sumptuous especially the fresh seafood but what I really loved most was the hospitality of the staff. Everyone made us feel that we were utmost welcome.

                                                          Photo from : Crimson Boracay’s  Facebook account

After filling our tummies we head out to Azure, the hotel’s bar nearby the pool. They were at 50% off and we learned of their longest happy hours (10AM-12MN), more time to indulge for us! Fun time indeed. Plus points that they serve exclusive drinks. I loved Sirena, aside from I think it was so aptly named.

                                                      Photo from : Crimson Boracay’s Facebook account

We got to repeat everything again the next day, I didn’t want to leave. Crimson Boracay got and gave us everything we needed for our stay, we did not need to go out of the premises. Crimson Boracay was our secluded solace that weekend.

                                                        Photo from : Crimson Boracay’s  Facebook account

If in 2014, my Boracay experience did not even come close to my top Philippine escapades, the CrimsonBoracay experience was a whole lot different. I am now actually recommending it to everyone who wants to experience the Boracay they dreamed of.

Above were mentioned why Crimson Boracay is the perfect travel destination. But hey that’s not the end of it, this majestic place is also an absolute and highly recommended wedding destination for all our couples out there.

I know that aside from me a lot of individuals can relate that once in their life they dreamed to have a romantic and blissful beach wedding. Well, who wouldn’t love beach weddings right? Imagine yourself walking barefooted, feeling the white and pure sand down your feet, your bridal gown gracefully dancing in the air as your hair were being blown by the wind. Anticipating the cold breeze to touch your skin while the sun rays illuminated the whole place. And you, the ever-radiant bride that you are, were crying your hearts content cause you finally realized that you’re only steps behind towards your happy ending. The weather, day, especially the place match perfectly and created a whole new reality just to celebrate this beautiful and heartfelt event.  Isn’t it too magical and too vivid not to take place? That’s why Crimson Boracay is here. To help you achieve the wedding you have always imagined.

                                                                Photo from : Crimson Boracay’s Instagram account

Stated below are the reasons why Crimson Boracay is the perfect wedding get away whether it’s an outdoor or an indoor wedding.

Beach front view – A picturesque and astounding beachfront is always a must! If you’re aiming for a sunset beach wedding, wherein the pink skies and sun rays collide while you’re declaring your promises of love, then I guarantee you that Crimson Boracay is the perfect setting. This venue will make you feel one with the nature. But if an indoor set-up, a more intimate wedding is what you have in mind, worry no more cause their amenities were also top of the line. The overall architecture is exuding with class and finesse. You’ll surely get the feeling of wanting to marry all over again.

                                                        Photo from : Crimson Boracay’s  Instagram account

Food and Service- Set to take your sensory experience to the next level are the restaurants offering an array of international cuisines. Crimson Boracay is here to offer you a world-class food and banquet. Everything about their food is sumptuous especially the fresh sea foods. Aside from that, what I think you’ll definitely love and appreciate the most, is the hospitality of the staff. Everyone will make you feel like you’re a VIP guest and that you are utmost welcome. World class food plus world class services in one.

                                                       Photo from : Crimson Boracay’s Instagram account

Exclusivity of Station Zero – Make your dream wedding come true in a haven that remains undisturbed and iconic, situated in an exclusive location, uniquely coined as Station Zero. One of the newest destinations in Boracay, experience the island in a different level of luxury. Get breathtaking views, 3,000sqm of pristine white sand beach and crystal clear waters with zero distractions. Whether you want to stay indoor or go on an island adventure before or after the wedding, Station Zero will give you the luxury of time and an array of things to do.

                                                   Photo from : Crimson Boracay’s  Instagram account

To finally wrapped this feature, I know all of you were curious how will weddings can possibly take place if Boracay is still not open for business. Well, here’s the good news!  Boracay island will reopen on October 26. Yeeey! And since you’re all precious and loved dear readers.  Crimson Boracay is here to invite you. Come and join them, in this Much- awaited and anticipated Bridal Fair. You may never know, what if you’re the next in line to get married this year? They will be waiting for you at ABS-CBN Vertis Tent on September 28-30. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime chance to book Crimson Boracay!

                                                              Photo from : Crimson Boracay’s Instagram account


Thursday Tips : Top 5 Corkages That Soon-To-Be-Married Couples Usually Encounter

September 20, 2018
Corkage may be a tiny detail to mind but I assure you it can be a real headache once it wasn’t properly taken care of. Imagine, you’re having the best time of your life with your other half only to realize that you can’t bring in the liquors and cocktail foods you prepared. How terrible can it be right? So for this day, we will discuss what are the usual corkage that needs to be accomplished weeks before your wedding day. To all our couples and solid readers, grab your pen and notebook. Take down notes! Cause we have a lot to discuss, you might be neglecting some important detail and we’re happy to help you with that.
                                                                              Photo from : Josiah’s Catering
1. Liquor – has become a vital part of our celebration. It’s already in our Filipino culture that best celebrations involves alcoholic drinks. But, what if your chosen hotel won’t allow you to bring in alcoholic drinks? Here’s what you have to do. First, negotiate. Next, ask the catering of your choice if they can waive the corkage for you. If it’s in a hotel, try to negotiate with them if they can just charge you a few costs for the waiters that will serve the drinks. Usually if you have more than 200 guests you may waive it for a 750 ml per bottle, per table. Easy right? Now let’s proceed to the next one.
                                                                            Photo from : The Bellevue Manila
2. Cocktail food – It’s understandable why certain hotels impose that food should be prepared by their chef, not because they wanted to earn more but because of food spoilage. Yes, if a certain incident happen they don’t want guests to misinterpret that its the hotel’s fault. So to resolve this kind of problem, what they usually do is to let the couple sign a waiver. A written agreement between the hotel and couple that whatever will happen, the hotel won’t take responsibility out of it.
                                                                                    Photo from : Josiah’s Catering
3. Lechon – Just like liquors, celebrations won’t be complete without the mouth-watering and crispy lechon. The primary reason why they ask for corkage is because of the chopping service. But if you can, and I know you will, do everything to negotiate because most of the time it can be waive. You only need to make sure that you have all the written papers to present if ever they ask for it.
                                                                                  Photo from : Josiah’s Catering
4. Non-accredited caterer of the venue – The caterers also pay for their accreditation fee to your chosen venue. If possible, try to negotiate with your non-accredited chosen caterer partner if both of you can share the corkage payment or better, look for an accredited caterer so you won’t have to encounter this problem.
                                                                           Photo from : Josiah’s Catering
5. Non-accredited suppliers – The best way to do is to ask for the venue’s accredited suppliers. There are a lot of ways on how you can make sure that they are trusted and good. You can simply research on their Facebook and Instagram account then look for company reviews. But, if you’re already booked with the non-accredited supplier what you can do is to make sure that all the written papers were accomplished and is ready to present. Normally, suppliers like Lights & Sounds and fireworks encounter this kind of problem but with the right process anything can be solve.
Over all, that’s the 5 corkages that soon-to-be-married couples usually encounter. Hope we’re able to help you with this concern.