Boudoir Photography: 5 Reasons Why Women Love Them

July 27, 2016

Ever just found yourself looking at the mirror and highlighting to yourself every flaw you think you have? “Oh, my arms look too big!” “When am I going to lose all this pregnancy weight?” “I wish I had her self-confidence.” Listen to me. You have got to stop. Silence that loud voice in your head telling you that you’re just not good enough. Don’t be your greatest enemy and your biggest critic. YOU are good enough.

You know why Boudoir Photography sessions have become so popular in the past few years? Because women are finally starting to embrace who we uniquely are. We’re breaking down the walls around us that we ourselves have put up; walls that have kept us from believing that we are our own kind of special.

We asked Arlene Briones-Hidalgo, owner of The Boudoir Dolls, some of the reasons why women love Boudoir Photography and why by the time you reach the end of this article, you will, too.

1.You get to do something completely outside your comfort zone. It’s about stripping down and owning this beautiful body that you’ve got. Surprise yourself by doing something you never thought you yourself could actually do. These kinds of photo shoots are not just something reserved for models and big stars, you’re one of a kind too y’know? Be brave enough to step out into that light and finally admit to yourself just how special you are.

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2. Celebrate a certain milestone in your life. You’re getting married. You just got out of an abusive relationship. You’re turning 30. You finally got that promotion you worked so hard for. You just got engaged. You’re pregnant with your first baby. Life is filled with milestones. Celebrate them by doing something beautiful for yourself too.

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3. Let go of everything for a few hours and shift your focus on YOU. Women are just innately selfless! We often put our needs last. Even a quick trip to have a badly needed massage can make us feel just a wee bit guilty that we’re not doing enough for others. Stop. Shift your focus on you. A boudoir photo shoot allows you to get all pampered and dolled up and just have these few hours to yourself and to just be fabulously you.

11blog_The_Boudoir_Dolls_pauleen_luna5 Coleen-Garcia-Boudoir-the-Boudoir-Dolls4 (1)boudoir dolls

4. Tick “do something crazy” off your bucket list. No need to define what that “something crazy” is. You’ve found it. I mean what can be gutsier than sending that first email inquiry and convincing yourself that you can do this? You’ve already taken that first step, that biggest, scariest hurdle. All that’s left is for you to finally take that LEAP. It can be quite breathtaking. Believe me, I’ve been on the other side of that camera and have witnessed countless of women be reminded of their own beauty just by letting go.

Coleen-Garcia-Boudoir-Shoot-By-the-Boudoir-Dolls1 p3

5. Form your own definition of beauty. We all have that one thing that makes us special; whether it’s the color of your skin or that cleft you have on your chin, or maybe the way you just have the most contagious laugh that makes everyone want to be your friend. Beauty is not defined by what magazines tell you, you get to do that for yourself. Let go of your inhibitions and turn them into a powerful statement of women empowerment!

theboudoirdolls_rein3 (1)

Now it’s your time to do something special for yourself before tying the knot.  It can also be a great gift to your husband on the wedding day/night.  The Boudoir Dolls is a premier all-women group of photographers who captures the intimate side of every woman.  It’s one of the first in the country and has captured hundreds of Filipinas including some celebrities like Bond girl Rachel Grant, Pauleen Luna-Sotto & Coleen Garcia. Dozens of shy ladies have also come to The Boudoir Dolls to see a different, sexier side of themselves, and these women have come out more confident and assured of themselves after a boudoir session.

Having a photoshoot like this marks milestones, whether you’re single & celebrating or getting married.  And tying the knot is a perfect excuse to get a bridal boudoir session for yourself or for your husband-to-be.

It’s really pretty easy, a few weeks before your wedding, to schedule a boudoir session with The Boudoir Dolls.  There are two types you can indulge yourself in before finally saying “I do”.

 The first is through an intimate session with one of The Boudoir Doll photographers.  It will be an afternoon, just for yourself, in any location you choose, be it in a hotel room or some place else more risqué – like the beach, a yacht, a garden or the great outdoors. You plan for your outfits either on your own or opt to get a stylist to amp up your boudoir-shoot look.  Once you get to your chosen venue, a makeup artist will glam you, and then the fun begins with The Boudoir Dolls in the actual shoot.  You may feel nervous at first because it’s usually something you’ve never done before, but The Boudoir Dolls can take those jitters away easily.  You will definitely have fun, and find yourself totally comfortable on your own skin by the time the session ends.

The second is through a bridal shower, where you have all your girlfriends join you in on the fun.  What’s good is that they get sexy shots, too.  It’s a perfect way to start off any bachelorette party.

Before you get married or before you have a baby, capture who you are right now, in this special stage of your life with The Boudoir Dolls.


Laces and All: 25 Jaw Dropping Wedding Gowns On Instagram

July 14, 2016

Just in case you haven’t heard and because we want to keep you abreast of current events, the ruling on the West Philippine Sea was out already. The ruling was in favor of the Philippines. Congratulations! And just like this whopping news, we will give you something that will equate to that. Here are 25 jaw dropping wedding gown on Instagram.

We scoured this social networking site to find the most interesting and unique wedding gowns. These gowns will make you drool and roll on the floor. So be sure to keep your jaws locked because you might find yours on the floor after rummaging through these finds.

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