5 Prenup Styling Must-Haves

April 11, 2016

It has been told already for several occasions that prenup has become part of the wedding scene in the Philippines. In every engagement session, the stylists play equally important role like that of the photographers. Styling, indeed, can make or break the session. Prenup stylists set the mood and execute the overarching theme of the shoot. Hence today, Geof Lagria, one of the top prenup stylists in town, tells us his top 5 prenup styling must haves:

1. Lagria sees the importance of the shoes of the couple. It is considered a small detail, but still needs not to be discounted. He asserts that a pair of nude stilettos for the bride-to-be and a pair of brown leather shoes for the groom-to-be are must haves. Those shoes match any outfits.

2. When using neutral colors as the motif of the session, neon colored underwear is a big no. A nude and no pattern underwear for the bride is highly and strongly suggested.

3. As a general rule, clean nails before going to the shoot. Aside from observing good hygiene, you don’t want your long and dirty nails to be seen in your pictures. At the same time, if the bride-to-be wants some posh on her fingertips, always go for nude, colorless, gorgeous and decent French tips.

4. The hair is important, as Lagria points out. He always suggests to his brides to get their hairs colored with brown tones as it makes them even more beautiful. For the guys, meanwhile, a trim at least a week before the shoot is recommended.

5. Lastly, Lagria encourages every one before going to the session to get themselves an extra boost of self confidence and let their personalities show as it will reflect in all of the photos.

These are just some of the tips Lagria highlights, and we hope these could help not only the couples, but also all aspiring prenup stylists.

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Special Feature: Fair and All with Weddingscape

April 1, 2016

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If you can’t find your desired supplier now, don’t worry, Weddingscape will keep on adding partners soon as those suppliers are still creating exclusive offers just for you! Also, different suppliers will be featured every month. So keep dropping in their site.

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