Sweet Ecstasy: 28 Drool-Worthy Wedding Cakes on Instagram

June 15, 2016

As days go on and the wedding scene is evolving, competition gets tougher. From the theme and styling down to the wedding gown, you will see the evolution. Apparently, wedding cakes were not spared from this change.

Wedding cakes, nowadays, have become the center of attention and scene stealers in every wedding reception. Be it may be rustic, all-white, three-layered, or a chandelier-like, the appearance of these cakes are enough to catch your attention, even more so it’s to-die-for tastes. Today, we give you the 28 drool-worthy cakes you will see on Instagram. Here are the cakes that will make your eyes water and your mouths want for more.

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Bloom and Blossom: Top 10 Wedding Florists in The Philippines

May 23, 2016

Be it as a bouquet carried by the bride or as a centerpiece in the reception, the beautiful buds are total scene-stealers in every wedding. Flowers surely make every bride come into full beauty. It makes them bloom, while it makes every venue captivating and alluring. Hence today, we bring to you the top florists in town that you might want to consider for your wedding. These florists will definitely make your own fairytale wedding come true.

This list would not be complete without Gideon Hermosa. This lad from Tarlac has always been on top of everyone’s mind because of his keen-eye for details. He painstakingly focuses on the nitty-gritty part, making your wedding as flawless as possible. With his impeccable works, his name can now be associated to one word: extravagant.

gideon1 gideon2 gideon3

Vatel Manila is another team to be reckoned with in terms of styling and flower arrangements. This team redefines what simplicity means—simple and tasteful. As for Vatel Manila, they ‘refined simplicity’. They will turn your wedding into a lovely one with a touch of your personality.


Classic. Elegant. Timeless. These are three words that best describe the works of Dave Sandoval. And just looking at his laudable résumé, it is right. Sandoval transforms every wedding with class and elegance that would transcend any time.


There is no doubt that Teddy Manuel will make it to the list. Known for his professionalism by exceeding his clients’ expectations, Manuel has become one of the top stylists and florists in town. Several renowned people have worked with him, and for sure, many more will take the opportunity to get him for their weddings.




Next to our list is Michael Ruiz. Started as a small business in 2008, Ruiz’ passion and creative works have put him on top. Michael Ruiz enjoys his wok while helping his clients to have a grand wedding setup with his meticulous styling and flower arrangement skills.




Amante Fleurs, helmed by Julius Villamante, is another team that is making a noise in the wedding industry with their well-thought and handcrafted flower arrangements. Thoroughly trained abroad, Villamante used his solid work experiences to come up with world-class results, and since then, Amante Fleurs has ‘fleur-ished’.




Making it to the list is Jacqs Floral. This team does what they do best, specializing on bridal and entourage flowers. Rummaging through their portfolio, one will definitely be head over heels for their flower arrangements.




Being in the wedding industry for more than 15 years now, Robert Blancaflor has already become a pillar, and his shine is not diminishing, not even in the slightest. As exclaimed, prepare to be awed as he pushes for the non-negotiable standards of impeccable taste.




Another supplier who concentrates on flower styling and arrangement is Michael Yu of Blue Grass Project. This Bohol-based florist who has lots of destination weddings already, also concentrates on landscaping, thus you will be sure that your wedding setup will be as wonderful as wonderland.




Completing our list is Cuckoo Cloud Concepts from Cebu. As the name suggests, their style in proving handmade bouquets and styling is pretty evident. It is quirky and charming, reflecting the whimsical state of life.