8 Engagement Destinations Near the Metro

November 2, 2015

Backdrops for engagement shoot are, nowadays, as important as the suppliers, the theme, and other things. It creates a different layer of depth to the overarching love story of every couple. Venues add a dash of mood, a touch of color, and a pinch of drama to the session. Thus today, we present to you the engagement backdrops you might want to consider. You don’t have to travel miles and miles away from the city to get to these places. These are engagement venues near the metro.

1. Camp Netanya, Batangas

Who says you must travel all the way to Santorini, Greece or even in Balesin Island and Bellaroca in the Philippines just to get a scenery of whites against the blues of the sea? Camp Netanya can give you the same feel with its equally beautiful picturesque features. Catch the sunset from the rooftop with your hand held by your loved one.




Photographer: Midori Moon

2. Meteora, Tagaytay

If you’re looking for a more dramatic backdrop, then Meteora can give you that. Overlooking to the scenery of greens and to the Taal Volcano and add its exterior and interior structure, this venue is a perfect ten.


Photographer: Larry Leong

3. Pinto Art Museum, Antipolo

Tucked in the terrain of Antipolo, Rizal, Pinto Art Museum has become a popular destination not only for the geeks and those who have an eye for arts, but also for engaged couples. We have seen a lot of sessions done here and we will certainly see some more. Unleash your arsty fartsy side, striking romantic poses against some of the most interesting art pieces.



Photographer: Nelwin Uy Photography

4. Tali Beach, Batangas

Going back to Batangas province, Tali Beach is still a top of mind when it comes to being a popular vacation spot and an engagement venue. No doubt about it, since this beach resort has fine sands and interestingly odd rock formation, where you can strike pose, play in front of the lenses, and have good outtakes.


Photographer: Jed Calara Photography

5. Wawa Dam, Taytay Rizal

Looking for more dramatic location? Wawa Dam is the real deal. With its larger-than-life rock formation and calm body of water, this place can bring mysticism to the session. Be enchanted by its natural beauty and come up with equally mystifying and bewitching photos.


Photographer: Ricky+Jean Photography

6. Mt. Pinatubo, Pampanga

Trekking the sleeping Mt. Pinatubo is also a nice and interesting theme for your engagement shoot. This place is a good outdoor venue especially if you’re looking for a massive backdrop for zoom-out photographic effect. Walk and run through the ashes and profess your love for each other in front of the camera.


Photographer: CamZar Photo


Photographer: CamZar Photo


Photographer: Nelwin Uy Photography

7. El Kabayo, Subic, Subic

El Kabayo can bring a different drama to the table. This venue will add that thrilling action mood to your e-sesh with its country vibe and wooden box structures. Add the beautiful horse and your session will be a knockout.


Photographer: Jed Calara Photography


Photographer: Metrophoto


Photographer: Ryan Ortega Photo

8. The Greenery, Bulacan

There’s a place in the peri-urban area of Bulacan where it will remind you of the humble country towns in the US. The Greenery houses rustic houses that you will often see in the landscape of Tennessee. This place, moreover, has other theme-based venues perfect for your session: pavilion, lighthouse, and open garden. Interesting enough?

These are just some of the venues you might want to check out and consider for your engagement shoot. These venues will certainly accommodate your creativity in creating that perfect event and session. These will be your springboard to the start of a new chapter of your lives as man and wife.

Special Feature: Maternity Shoot – Addition

October 4, 2015

What’s the true essence of being a woman? This is a trite question we hear from every beauty pageant. But what really is the answer? Simply quoting from someone, “Just being a woman is God’s gift that all of us must appreciate. The origin of a child is a mother, and is a woman. She shows a man what sharing, caring and loving is all about. That is the essence of a woman.” It is a knockout answer to a question that deserves more than a crown. As we are having this special feature, as the founder of this blog, I just want to share to you my journey to fulfilling that essence of being a woman — becoming a mother.

I am beyond happy and cannot wait the world to meet the newest addition to our growing family: baby Sychar Ned. As we wait for our first child, we took this time to document this chapter of our lives while I still carry him inside my womb.

I personally want to thank Arbee Laberinto for capturing these stills that me and my husband will treasure for the rest of our lives.

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Venue: Rhapsody Residences / Photographer: Arbee Laberinto / Hair and Make Up: Clip Lounge Salon / Calligraphy: Lara de Peralta