TUESDAY TIPS : 5 Tips In Choosing Her Engagement Ring

January 22, 2019

So you plan to ask the love of your life to spend the rest of her lifetime with you and that’s where the search for the perfect engagement ring will take place. But just like how crucial and vital the details on the actual wedding scene, did you know that there are a lot of things to consider in choosing the perfect engagement ring as well? So for today, we’re here to help and give tips to all our problematic and hopefully groom’s to be (only if she said yes). How to prepare your proposal with the help of a astounding engagement ring.

1. Know your Budget –  I understand that you wanted to give the best to your soon to be wife but of course you have to stick with your budget. Remember, the spending does not end once she said yes, especially if you plan to have a grand wedding as well.

2. Know her style – Everyone has their own style and type. Some may want the one with big crystals, some hope for the simple one, so the safest way to do is to know your girlfriend’s style.

3. Shape – Round, oval, pear shaped, marquise, princess cut and cushion cut, there are a lot of shapes to choose from, but the simple technique to know what shape will suit your soon to be wife is to know her fingers shape. If it’s small then maybe you should opt for a princess cut ring.

4. Familiarize yourself with the Gemstones – Don’t be afraid with the gemstones, especially if your girlfriend is found of gemstones for her accessories. It also brings an elegant and modern mood that made the ring more exquisite.

5. Ring Size – Know the ring size, this is the most crucial part I think. You don’t want to buy a ring that will not fit the ring finger right?

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TUESDAY TIPS: 5 Factors To Consider Before Choosing Your Wedding Venue

January 15, 2019

Venue is probably the most important and crucial aspect in every weddings. Without the venue, we can’t proceed to other vital details like catering and stylist. So for today, we’re about to enumerate 5 important factors to consider before choosing your wedding venue. I know that we all wanted to achieve that perfect wedding and set-up, so for that to transpire, you should definitely check this blog.

1. Location – First things first, location. Guests presence is undeniably one great factor in the success of every events especially weddings. We all wanted to feel the love and support our loved ones have for us that’s why we have to consider the travel time and accessibility of our wedding venue. Just make sure that it’s friendly especially to our older guests who’s from far provinces or from another country.

2. Rates – Of course we have an allotted budget for our venue. Exceeding with your venue budget is fine as long as you’re sure that you won’t have shortage for other important details like bridal gown and food.

3. Capacity – Is probably the most important factor between these five. Before finding the wedding venue, finalize the guest count first, just to make sure that they will all fit in your chosen venue.

4. Parking and Transportation – Some guests may have services while some won’t. So it’s equally important to check not only the capacity of the venue but the capacity of its parking spaces as well. Other than that, transportation is also an important factor. Like is it near bus stops, are there vehicles that will pass regardless what time the program will end.  Just to make sure about the safety of other guests who do not have vehicle services.

5. Caterer – Most venues allowed outside catering but others won’t. So if you’re somehow particular with the caterer, you have to be specific with this detail, like ask the venue regarding their accredited catering, corkage fee or better just look for other venues that will allow outside caterers.

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