5 Tips In Planning Your Destination Wedding

February 21, 2017

If you’re planning to have your wedding in a far flung town, abroad, or even in a deserted island, then this feature is for you. We are giving you the pointers on planning your destination wedding. Welcome to Tuesday Tips!

Other couples want to have an extra memorable wedding by getting hitched in a place unfamiliar yet otherworldly. Instead of going in for a church or garden wedding in their hometown, they cross the seas and transcend many territorial boundaries, tagging their families and close friends along. Hence, the term destination wedding was coined.

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1. Plan: We have mentioned in our last Tuesday Tips feature that planning is the key. So if you’re thinking of getting wed outside your town, then it’s better to research and plan ahead. Of course, we can’t keep ourselves from adverse situations like what’s going right now with Tagaytay radar-gate–a lot of weddings are affected as flights are cancelled. We can’t do anything about these situations but adapt to it.
2. Help: It won’t hurt if you ask for a helping hand. A reliable wedding coordinator or someone who knows the place very well will be a big, big help. The coordinator will assist you in finding the best venue or catering company or any thing that will make your destination wedding a success.

3. Communication: This is another key to having a successful and not stressful wedding. Keep a good and open communication with your wedding suppliers especially with your coordinator.
4. Authenticity: Even if you decide to get hitched abroad or anyone with different cultures, be authentic. You don’t have to copy someone else’s wedding. This is your time to express your personality.

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5. Ease: You don’t have to make the journey to your wedding difficult. Make it easy for everyone especially for your guests. Discuss their thoroughfares, accommodations, and other stuff. You don’t need to shoulder everything, but at least have a sense of concern.

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5 Best Tips In Choosing Your Wedding Date

February 14, 2017

Good morning, our lovable loyal readers. It’s the day of the week again. You already know the drill–it’s Tuesday Tips, everybody. And for our special feature today, we give you the things you should consider in choosing your wedding date.

Before you walk down the aisle and tie the know, you have to ‘save the date’ first, and planning this kind of event cannot be done overnight. At least 6 months of preparation are required and at times, it goes beyond a year or two. Hence, the key word here is PLAN.

It could be your anniversary when you are still boyfriend and girlfriend, birthday, or even the date when you first met each other (if you still kinda remember it). Pick the date that is meaningful to both of you, and this will make your wedding extra memorable.

With the help of the Internet, gather all information on your preferred church, hotels, and reception venues and do enquire if the date is already reserved. Remember, you might not be the only couple who are eyeing for that date.

You might want to take advantage of the long weekends and probably want your guests to enjoy your union and not stress themselves about their work the next day.

You might not probably want to get toasted by the scorching heat of the Australian summer in December or get drenched in Vancouver.

Consider availability of your preferred wedding suppliers, wedding flowers, and the location for your honeymoon.