8 Mistakes Brides Need to Avoid in the Morning of Their Wedding

April 18, 2017

On the day of your wedding, you may have mixed feelings. It is as if all emotions are built and bottled up inside that any minute it can burst out. Excitement. Happiness. Fear. Anxiousness. These and other emotions are present, and if not controlled, these may lead to a disaster. Hence today, we give you 8 things that a couple, particularly the bride, should avoid in the wake of their wedding.

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1. Not Eating. We already get that you are nervous, but skipping a meal is totally not a good thing. There are some brides who do not eat before the ceremony because they are afraid that their gowns might not fit, but having at least a good amount of veggies and fruits will keep you from fainting. Of course, you don’t want your groom to be waiting in the emergency room, instead in the altar.
2. Being intoxicated. Drinking one glass of wine will definitely calm your nerves, but drinking a little too much is another thing. Keep yourself from a bottle of cabernet sauvignon, unless you want to speak gibberish in your wedding vows.
3. Worrying about everything. Of course, you want to be on top of everything, but worrying about is your wedding coordinator’s job. Cast your burdens and worries to your coordinator and live at peace.
4. Being with your phone. People will call, text, or even video call you just to give them their warmest greeting. But this may eat your time, so it’s better to leave your most valuable possession to the coordinator or to your bridesmaid.
5. Changing to a different style. There’s a reason why makeup and hairstyle tutorial is offered by some wedding artists. And that reason is so that you can already decide on what style you want to. Hence deciding on a different style on your wedding day may not come handy and may piss some people off.
6. Doing errands. Maybe you are crammer or what, but doing last minute errands, such as completing your DIY wedding favors or projects, may stress you out big time. Have a timeline and stick to you deadline, and this will guarantee you a stress-free wedding day.
7. Getting a facial. You may want to get your facial at least one week before you wedding to avoid downtime and reaction.
8. Applying hair conditioner. Some people may not know about this, but applying a conditioner to your hair may lead to a problem. Your hair won’t be able to hold your chosen hairstyle, hence just skip the hair conditioner for a day. A shampoo will suffice.


5 Tips To Achieve That Minimalist Chic Wedding

April 11, 2017

As the old adage says, less is more. More often than not, this is true and it apparently applies to wedding, as well. Some couples dream of a grand, fairytale-like wedding, but some goes in for a simple yet classic union. After all, a minimalist wedding arguably equates to divinity.

Hence for our Tuesday Tips, we give you 5 of the most common things couples do to achieve a minimalist wedding.

1. Go White: We believe this is the base for your ‘less is more’ coming together. White looks clean and simply ethereal. And to stress out, you can never go wrong with white. Just keep yourselves from saucy and messy foods.

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2. Neutral colors to add spice: White goes well with almost every color, but to accentuate your minimalist wedding, neutral colors would be perfect. Use such colors such as olive, army, camel, and taupe to put your wedding to another level.

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3. Simple doesn’t mean boring: Minimalist wedding does not mean you no longer need to put accessories. You may go in for simple designs for your tablewares (transparent chairs and less decorated couple’s backdrop), boutonnieres, and wedding invitations.

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4. Wedding Cake and Dress: Let us put emphasis on the wedding cake and dress. The wedding cake must be muted and decorated less; maybe a touch of green will make it better. Whereas, a simple designed wedding gown will boost a woman’s natural beauty!

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5. Intimacy: If you’re really trying to achieve a minimalist wedding, why not work on your numbers. Yes, you’ve read that right. This is your wedding and you only need your family and closest friends to witness your special day.