TUESDAY TIPS : 5 Important Reasons Why You Should Hire A Wedding Coordinator

March 5, 2019

Your wedding is fast approaching which means that the search for the best wedding coordinator begins. But before the search continues, here are 5 important reasons why it’s best to hire a coordinator rather than to personally organize your wedding all by yourself.


1. Time Efficient – Planning your wedding may take plenty of your time or worse, it may actually take all of time. So it’s not advisable to organize your own wedding especially if you’re working. It may just look simple but weddings are consist of lots and lots of details. Worst case scenario is, you get too busy at work that you forgot other important elements like gifts for your principal sponsors or prizes for the games.

2. Working with amazing vendors – Wedding coordinators may be in business for more than 10 years or have organized tons of weddings already. So naturally, they’re more updated or informed about the best suppliers to work with in the industry. They already already know who the most efficient and time conscious suppliers are. At the same time, they have the power to ‘haggle’ which is very important especially if you have a tight budget.

3. Staying on the budget – Staying on the budget is very important and the role of the coordinator here is vital. As your wedding coordinator, they will make sure that you’re just spending the right amount on certain details – your bridal gown, for example. From your initial budget they will discuss with you in detail the amount you will spend and they can endorse suppliers that will match your budget.

4. Detail – oriented – Wedding coordinators are so particular with details especially with contracts. With the help of a trusted and an expert coordinator, it’s a lot easier for you to connect with suppliers and you will be sure that all your requests and demands are being taken care of.

5. Less Stress – Hiring a wedding coordinator will calm you knowing that someone’s assisting you all throughout the whole wedding process. If your sole reason for wanting to organize your own wedding is because you wanted to get involved, then you shouldn’t worry because every aspect is for your approval. You’re still the one to decide on everything, the coordinator is just there to assist you and to make sure that all is well.

TUESDAY TIPS : 5 Tips In DIY-ing Your Wedding Invitation

January 29, 2019

As a soon to be bride, it’s pretty understandable that we aspire to personalized some important details on our wedding. To add personality, a touch of aesthetics and to show your creativity. One example will be in your wedding invitation. So to all our troubled and curious brides, who still feel lost in completion of this agenda, here are some helpful tips to make sure you will be able to successfully pull off this part.

1. Come up with a design – For a start, it’s best to incorporate your theme and palette into your invitation. Focus on one color, it’s not wrong to add other shades but make sure that it will still look elegant and will match beautifully on your chosen design.

2. Check portfolios from invitation suppliers – If it’s your first time creating a layout then you may feel lost and confused along the process. To help you overcome this feeling, you can check the portfolios of some invitation supplier. Compare what you both have in common and check if every details they have is also present in your invitation.

3. Be particular with details – More than design, what’s more important is the date, time and attire of the guest. Make sure that it’s written in the invitation.

4. Mix and Match – Just like what I’ve mentioned earlier, mixing colors and matching designs is alright as long as it will not ruin the look you’re trying to attain in your invitation. One important thing, not everything you see in the internet will go well in your invitation. Make sure to be wise with what you will try to incorporate with it, may it be a design, color or calligraphy.

5. Complete the materials – Make sure to complete the needed materials before proceeding with printing the invitation. if you still have the time, it’s best to print the final layout and check if you still need some alteration. Like is the writings visible? Does the paper go well with color? Was the design too bright? Too plain? And other important matters.

Wedding Invitation : Margo and Bees