5 Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Band

March 28, 2018

A wedding band or ring is traditionally (and arguably) the most vital symbol for marriage. This precious metal strongly signifies that the wearer is married — and fortunately has found the right one. As important as it is, choosing your wedding band is not an easy feat. Just like choosing the theme, wedding date, or the color motif, you will also find yourself at crossroads when asked about which ring to choose. Therefore today, we list down 5 tips (more of questions) for choosing the right wedding ring:

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1. What metal types do we like? – There are different wedding ring metal types, but the most popular one is the platinum because of its hardness and unfading feature. But there are other types such as rose gold, palladium and many others that offer different qualities that may be of your interest.

2. What’s our budget? – This is the most important question in choosing the wedding band for you. How much are you willing to spend for it? Always consult your savings before finally deciding.

3. Should it match the engagement ring? – Are you someone who wants matching engagement and wedding rings? Or are you okay even if it doesn’t? Some really does care for uniformity, so they go for shadow bands, which perfectly match your engagement ring. But if you don’t care or should you decide not to wear your engagement ring after the wedding, then maybe going the other route is the way for you.

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4. What design should we get? – This is very much up to you. Do you like simple yet classic-looking? Or do you like embellished and elegant? Whatever you choose, you might want something that fits and matches both parties’ interests and wants.

5. Do we want more than one wedding band? – More couples recently have now chosen to have more than one pair of wedding bands. One reason (and very valid at that) is because of their outdoor lifestyles. Some likes to travel and do outdoor activities often hence they want to have another pair of wedding bands that are way cheaper than the other pair they have. So just in case it gets misplaced or lost, it is not much of a concern.

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Tuesday Tips: 5 Tips To Making Your Beach Wedding A Success

February 27, 2018

If you think holding your wedding by the pristine body of water and on a sandy coastline would be a breeze, then think again. It’s like a strong big wave that crashes anything. Holding a beach wedding is not as easy as you think, but with the proper and careful planning, it could blow all of your worries out of the water. Therefore this Tuesday (as we always do), we give you 5 things to remember for your beach wedding.

1. Location: Choose the perfect location for your wedding that is within your budget. There are some beach resorts right now that offer good deals and packages that might pique your interest and might match your bank account. Also when choosing a location, take into consideration the transport options. You don’t want your guests to have a hard time in getting to the venue.

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2. Time: Most beach weddings are held mid morning or late afternoon to get away from the intensity of Mr. Sun. Yes, you can tolerate the heat for a long time, but how about your guests? Not everyone is okay with the high temperature especially the old folks and kids, so bear this mind.

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3. Dress: The beach wedding calls for light and flowy attires, so dress that part. Leave the ball gown behind and look for a wedding dress that is silky, beautiful, and something that will dance with wind.

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4. Food: Cement that beach wedding with an array of sea food! It’s time to bring this sumptuous food out—tiger prawns, lobsters, crabs; name it and it shall be yours!

5. Fun: The beach is synonymous to the word fun, therefore it would be a disservice if you wouldn’t. Dance with wind, soak your feet in the sand and water, and make this the best day of your life! You deserve it.

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