Tuesday Tips: 5 Wedding Color Blocking Do’s

January 16, 2018
The wedding has truly evolved over time. Before, only one color was incorporated as a wedding motif, but throughout the years, couples and experts became more fearful and experimental. They mix and match every color possible to convey a certain mood and ambiance depending on the theme. Some found success but others failed. So if you’re one of those who don’t know where to start in choosing the right matching colors, you are in the right page. We list down today 5 tips to getting your wedding more colorful:

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1. Stick to one hue: There’s nothing wrong in sticking to one color, but allowing different shades of that particular hue as a motif is another story—a surprising one at that. Various shades create depth and flow. Even though you have different shades incorporated in your wedding, it will still look fluid and not forced.

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2. Be fearful (moderately): If you have the knack for matching colors and for styling, then go for it! But be moderate! It’s okay to have more than one color motif up to 5, but if you think it will sore your eyes, then probably you’re not doing it right. Having the color wheel within your reach will come handy this time.
3. Swim against the current (trendy): Greenery was so last year, and Ultra Violet is in as the color of the year! But this doesn’t mean you have to simply go with this just for the sake of being trendy! Do not go with the flow; swim against the current. The trend changes and the fad fades!

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4. Be mindful of the surroundings: Always be intuitive and look for the color of the church, the reception and even the colors of the flowers you want for your wedding. This is often overlooked in the process, but ignoring these things will ruin the total experience.
5. Consult experts: This is no brainer, but always check in with your stylists. They are called stylists for many reasons. And there’s no harm in questioning him or even in doing your own research. So open your lappy now and surf the net!

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Tips: 5 Mobile Phone Mistakes to Avoid on the Wedding Day

January 10, 2018

The inception of technology and the rise of the Internet have permeated our personal lives. It helps us to connect with everyone across the globe instantly and in real time. The Internet has also introduced us to all social media platforms that became the new version of a diary. The Internet has made it easier for us to share a great piece of ourselves to anyone. It is so addictive we are present online almost all the time.

There’s nothing wrong being a social media savvy, but there are instances that we don’t want to be that person—a virtual zombie. This is someone who tweets and snapchats almost everything, if not everything. One great instance is during someone’s wedding! You don’t want to be the person who ruins someone else’s day because of your addiction to Facebook or Instagram, right? Hence this one is for you! We list down 5 mistakes we all should avoid on the wedding day:

1. Not keeping your phone on silent: You may have the coolest ringtone on earth, but it is not cool when your phone ring at maximum during the wedding vows. Unless you want all eyes on you, turn your phone off.

2. Posting the couple’s photos before the ceremony: This is a no, no. You can certainly wait for a couple of hours before you open your Facebook before you click that post button, right? We know you want to be the bearer of good news on someone else’s feed but wait until the end of the ceremony.

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3. Trying to be the other ‘official’ photographer: There’s a reason why couples hire professional photographers. They want their wedding to be well-documented and they want their guests to enjoy the moments with them. They don’t want you to stress yourself out snapping photos here and there, so relax and unplugged your mobile.

4. Videoing the entire event: Facebook or Instagram live are cool and great, but taking a video of the entire ceremony and reception is utterly disgraceful and disrespectful especially to the couple. We’re sure the couple wants to have a solemn and very intimate occasion.

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5. Being on your phone the entire time: Okay, this maybe an exaggeration but we’ve seen a lot people who are always on their phone. So rest your phone and eyes for a day and just enjoy the love story that is unfolding right before your eyes.

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