8 Rustic Chic Themed Wedding Must Haves

September 1, 2015

You might have already seen hundreds of weddings on this site to inspire you and hundred of themes you might probably want for your own dream wedding. Of all these themes, you would agree with us when we say that one of the most popular today is the rustic chic. Thinking of this as the theme for your wedding? Here are some valuable tips to pull this off.

1.) The number one essential for this wedding theme is the wood. When you think of rustic, it reminds and gives you the vibe of the country side: hard wood, ropes, and the barn. Thus earth colors really suit as the color motif.

2.) White also goes well with this theme, most specifically if the reception is in greeneries. White table, overwhelmed with quirky picture frames and memorabilia, can make a good center table piece in the reception.

3.) The couple’s main table shall be Instagram worthy by decorating it with wood panels, doors, and calligraphic name tags. Insert #RusticChic

4.) Accents and accessories are also important to complete the look of a rustic chic wedding. Boutonnières and flowers as center pieces wrapped in ropes are must haves. Or flowers on a wooden plate would even make a better impression.

5. Of course, every reception table wouldn’t be complete without the table numbers. And to make it simply chic, place it in a wooden stand or even a piece of a tree branch.

6.) Whether it is for directions or romantic quotes to tingle everyone’s heart, wooden signages can also set the bar higher.

7.)  The wedding cake can also make a difference. The simpler the better and the more rustic chic it could be.

8.) It is true that the little good nuisances and nitty gritty things can give an extra oomph to your wedding. Thus creative stuff like the wooden-inspired baskets for your cute flower girls are pleasant to eyes and complements the theme.

Whether it is a garden or beach wedding, with these valuable tips, your rustic themed wedding would always be the most chic one.

Beyond the Walls

December 16, 2014

Intramuros became a popular backdrop for engagement shoot, reception venue, and even for outdoor weddings. This so –called walled city was once the top of mind of couples and wedding photographers for shoots because of the elegance that this place exudes and the history it entails. We strongly believe, though, that Intramuros today, despite several equally interesting place that mushroomed in the metro, is still a go-to place for shoots, and we feel like that it has so much more to offer.

This is true and to prove, here are the photos delightfully taken by Jay Santos. This is the e-session of the good looking pair, Ken and Mayzelle, who can be seen in fine outfits. But inspite of the beautiful pieces they are wearing, we love even more the couple’s passion. And this is evident here. The passion they bring transcends through those formidable walls and goes beyond our screens. That is what this walled city can offer. See and feel it!

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