5 Things that Make Us Jealous of Beauty Gonzales and Make Us Want to Meet Our Own Norman

May 13, 2017

Let us be honest, who wouldn’t want to be Beauty Gonzales, right now? She has a new top rating show, plus a beautiful growing family. Everything seems to be falling into its rightful places for her. Recently, she walked down the aisle and married the man who makes her more beautiful everyday–Norman. They had a classy gothic-themed wedding, and everyone was floored by it. But today, let us all take ourselves back to the day Norman asked for Beauty’s hand; the day she said yes.

Today, let us all list down all 5 things that make Norman’s wedding proposal to Beauty the new standard.

1. Setting: The backdrop for the proposal alone makes it so romantic. For a man to propose in a soul-baring place and where your girl wants to get married at was a big plus. Sitio Remedios, which is located in Ilocos, was the perfect spot for their love story to unfold.
2. Music: Magasin, a classic Eraserheads’ anthem, has become the recurring background song and theme of the proposal. Since the day Norman got smitten by Beauty’s fierce beauty in one magazine cover, this anthem became the theme song of their lives. It would have been more magical if the band’s main man was there, but Rico Blanco’s presence and deep, mysterious voice was more than enough to fill in that absence.
3. Loved Ones: This became more special when their families and closest friends were there to witness the proposal. Beauty’s right. It felt good to be surrounded and loved by everyone who cares and supports them unconditionally.
4. Drone: Who would have thought that a drone would have a special part in this? Beauty was vocal that whenever she saw a drone she expected nothing but a wedding proposal from her main man. As soon as she saw the drone flying towards her, tears began to fall from her eyes (and from our eyes, too).
5. The Other Man: Of course the other MVP in this was none other than, Jason Magbanua. He just proved why he was the Jason Magbanua we know today. He crafted the stories cinematically and touched our hearts once again

Just The Two of Us

October 13, 2016

You are all in a double treat today as we bring to you beautifully taken photos and film during the coming together of this adorable couple, Austin and Melanie.

The photos were captured by Kevin Demassio and the film was brought to us by Zoombox Wedding Videos. Both photos and the video tell us this simple yet compelling union of the couple that was set in a vineyard. Zoombox Wedding Videos also tells us that this union was unlike any other wedding they had witnessed, as only the parents and the couple were the ones who walked down the aisle. Imagine there’s no entourage. Pretty interesting, right? And the film summarized the couple’s love story by telling us that these two met virtually and ended up together in reality.

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Photographer: Kevin Demassio Photography / Videographer: Zoombox Wedding Videos / Venue: Red Maple Vineyard  / DJ: Next Generation Entertainment / Flowers: A Night in Bloom / HMUA: Annaliese & Co.