A Balai Taal Nuptial

April 20, 2018

Friday it is, and we know you can’t wait to hit the beach, go to the province to unwind, or simply do staycation. But before we let you go, we’d want to give you a new wedding feature. This is to inspire you throughout the weekend. The Perfect Grey is here to help us fulfil that with these beautiful photos from Jeimy and Aezel’s coming together.

The setting for this union was at Balai Taal, boasting a picturesque scene of the Taal Volcano. Balai Taal is a magnificent wedding destination, hence it’s no longer surprising to see more couples get hitched in this setting. What we love about this union though is the styling done in the reception, and it was very evident in the photos. How can you not love the table setting, right? It’s the quintessential rustic setup that perfectly matched the total mood of the venue.

Photo: The Perfect Grey | Location: Balai Taal


An Afternoon Union in Batangas

April 19, 2018

Afternoon wedding ceremony could work against you. The extreme heat maybe unbearable for you and for your guests that may cause a lot of unwanted situations. But with a beautiful setting as today’s wedding feature against the immaculate aesthetics of a sunset, would you still say no? Mark and Micaiah invited their families and friends to an afternoon wedding ceremony at say 3pm—where the sun is usually at its peak.

But if there’s a consolation for this, it has to be the location where the couple vowed to love each other for the rest of their lives. The setting was at Meditation Point in Nasugbu, Batangas where everyone, especially the two, chased the delightful sunset. Chestknots studio was there and was able to capture these moments.

Photo: Chestknots studio | Video: Lula Films | Bride’s Dress: Patricia Santos | HMUA: Julius Marquez | Flowers and Decor: Amante Fleurs | Catering: KbyCunanan Catering | Cake: Macaiah Bunda |