An Intimate Yacht Wedding in Singapore

August 2, 2018

After all it’s not about the total number of guests, of how many dishes were served or even how grand the celebration was. It’s about two people deeply in love with each other and is now ready to start their life together – an intimate union brought to us by Kid and Raf, captured by Tom Balon Photography.

November 2017 occurred what they claimed the most precious thing that ever happen in their life. A civil wedding held at a private yacht in Singapore. Based on the statement of the bride they opted for an intimate wedding because they only have limited time to prepare. But with the help of some family and friends they were able to pull out all the tiny details. Food was made by the groom’s sister, Brookeshiel Soltis.

Words will never be enough to express their extreme happiness, how blessed they felt and how grateful they were for this special event. A supportive family and friends composed of only 16 people filled with love that is up to the roofs.

Photo: Tom Balon Photography | Food Prep : Groom’s Sister- Brookeshiel Soltis | HMUA : Rose Glindro | Flower : Karla Bolivar

A Prideful Wedding

June 25, 2018

In celebration of the pride month, we proudly present a beautiful union of two equally amazing souls—Erika and Hayley. These two bring us to their unparalleled world of brimful of happiness, unconditional support, and genuine love and respect through these photos captured by The Perfect Grey .

The couple, together with the team, takes us to Caliraya, Laguna to celebrate with their love for and witness their eternal promises to each other. The union seems simple yet meaningful, while boasting that love—however the color, the race, the gender, the preference are—truly wins! Let us all start this day with this inspiring story.