August 5, 2015

Today is Wednesday already and it’s hump day baby. As we enter the middle of the week, we present to you Mark and Angeli’s wedding narrated by the Blacktie Project.

The photos show how simplicity echoes elegance in this couple’s union. We believe it has been faultless and flawless. Speaking of simply perfection, Blacktie Project has contributed a lot to make this one truly memorable. What we like about the outcomes is the texture of the photos. The high contrast and saturation give a crisp texture to each photo. Even the vignette feature has been put into good use. Oh wait, trust us when we say we don’t know where such technicalities came from, eh; we just love to play around our Instagram. Lol.

Mark and Angeli-1071-Edit Mark and Angeli-1196 Mark and Angeli-1272 Mark and Angeli-1290 Mark and Angeli-1372 Mark and Angeli-1593-Edit Mark and Angeli-1737-Edit Mark and Angeli-1916 Mark and Angeli-1963 Mark and Angeli-2081 Mark and Angeli-2175 Mark and Angeli-2329 Mark and Angeli-2373 Mark and Angeli-2427-Edit Mark and Angeli-2428 Mark and Angeli-2440 Mark and Angeli-2477 Mark and Angeli-2634-Edit Mark and Angeli-2725-Edit Mark and Angeli-2764 Mark and Angeli-3404-Edit Mark and Angeli-3622 Mark and Angeli-3733 Mark and Angeli-3827 Mark and Angeli-4388 Mark and Angeli-5219 Mark and Angeli-5501 Mark and Angeli-5518-Edit Mark and Angeli-5629 Mark and Angeli-5689 Mark and Angeli-5751-Edit Mark and Angeli-5985 Mark and Angeli-6010 Mark and Angeli-6016 Mark and Angeli-6033 Mark and Angeli-6591

Preparation: Marco Polo Hotel Ortigas / Church: Santuario de San Jose / Reception: Oasis Manila / Coordinator: Joey Comandao / Make Up: Mariah Santos / Gown: Vera Wang / Catering: K by Cunanan / Photographer: Blacktie Project

Of Trees, Of Winds, Of Rains

August 3, 2015

It’s August already, can you believe it? We are more than halfway through the year and we’re glad you stick with your Merry to Marry dream team. As we give you unparalleled feature today, we share with you Nonie and Lulu’s wood-chic themed wedding.

The theme goes well with the backdrop where branches of trees surround the venue and the wind makes the bells ring. The plum color, as their motif, meanwhile gives warmth, class, and a dash of subtlety to the event. And oh that Jun Escario‘s creation worn by the bride looks like it was carved out from the trees. It is stunning, nonetheless. Benjie Tiongco was great in narrating this moment through these photos. That scene with the couple and a black beautiful horse having a good conversation under the rain was otherworldly.

001 004 005 006 010 011 012 015 017 019 020 022 023 027 030 032 039 040 043 046 056 061 062 063 064 065 067 072 073 076 079 081 088 102 103 112 115 129 142 154 156 159 175 179 180 192

Photographer: Benjie Tiongco Photography/ Coordination: Piece D’ Occasion / Videography: Treehouse Story / Makeup and Hair: Byron Velasquez | Patty Inojales / Florist and Styling: Efren Bacawat / Couturier: Jun Escario / Bridesmaids Dresses: Dan Cadiz / Groom’s Suit: Massimo Dutti