Ever After

December 15, 2014

We are starting off this week by treating you with a new unwritten tale. This is rather told by the couple’s fairy god team.

Michael and Chiara’s wedding seems like a spinoff of a classic fairytale we were once told about. Just like you, we are in awe seeing the wedding dress of the bride. It is immaculate. How often do you see a bride in a long sleeve, modified A-line dress with a hem line that goes for days and carried out well? Not often, right? But Chiara has pulled off a modern fairytale gown, contrasted by an olden veil. This divine dress is, nonetheless, stitched by the couple’s fairy godfather, John Cuenco.

The styling of the reception actually looks like a banquet in a palace. It is light and clean, and is embellished in whites and silvers. The candles and bright lights also add sophistication to the event. We could not thank this couple enough, but we also have to thank Foreveryday Photography and OneCarlo Photography, and their magical skills–or wands, eh–for letting us peek at this chapter. This could easily be one of the best tales ever unwritten, but we are sure that this couple will live happily ever after.

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Church: Immaculate Conception Cathedral (Cubao) /  Reception: Light of Love Events Place / Catering:  K by Cunanan / Preparation: Luxent Hotel / Photographers: Foreveryday Photography and OneCarlo Photography / Videographer: Vidlens Productions / Bridal Gown: John Cuenco / Hair and Make Up: Mitch Camaclang / Cake: Iko’s Bakeshop / Wedding Rings: Mayfair Jewelry / Invitation: Urbanista Invites / Bridal Car: APerfectDayWedCar / Misalette: N3 Prints / Lights and Sound: SoundTech / Groom’s Attire: Onesimus, Tieline, Tyler, Sledgers

Sleepless Lights

December 11, 2014

We are sure that the coming together of Larry and Ghela has been filled with lights in everyone’s faces and hearts. Literally speaking, this event has been covered with radiance from sleepless string lights, unblinding ray from lampposts, and glittery flashes from the stars strewn across the sky. All of these, bound by sanctity of the event, nonetheless bring magic.

This wedding is majestic. From pre-ceremony to the reception, everything is as splendid as bright lights. The setup for the reception seems like a scene from a fairytale and the car as their magic carpet ride. Hats off to Nice Print Photography for these shining, shimmering, splendid stills.

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