Most Chinese families hold a formal engagement ceremony called Tinghun. This is a traditional practice to bring prosperity and good luck to a couple even before their wedding day. Want to get a glimpse into this practice? We are all lucky today as Myio Okamoto shares with us Bin and Boop’s engagement session.

The event was expectedly covered in red and with full of gifts and presents, accompanied by the love and support of everyone who witnessed this. Okamoto perfectly captured every moment, as well as the beautiful styling of Gideon Hermosa. Let us all educate ourselves in this session.

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Photographer: Myio Okamoto Photography / Videographer: Dreamechanics / Make Up: Albert Kurniawan / Hair: Jerry Javier / Designers: Pepsi Herrera, Edwin Tan, Patricia Santos / Styling: Gideon Hermosa


A year ago, three individuals have bravely started a project with a mission to inspire as many people as possible and make them believe that afterall, #MayForever. That project has blossomed and turned into something they envisioned–an inspirational wedding and engagement blog. One year has passed and this blog has been successful in the blogosphere, turning each reader from merry to marry.

To mark our first anniversary, we gathered some of the most promising and sought-after wedding suppliers in the country to create an exceptionally amazing bridal shoot. Instead of choosing a quintessential model, we chose a real bride and a woman who represents the fiercely beautiful plus size, curvy women.

Zandra Lim is such a fairy godmother who makes beautiful, princess-like wedding dresses in just one wave of her wand. She unleashed the natural beauty of the bride with her masterpiece which is nothing short of astounding. Her dresses know no sizes. Lindsay Co-Alog, meanwhile, glamorized the bride, making her as gorgeous and as blossoming as the bouquet of flowers arranged by Dave Sandoval. This session would not also be this successful if not with the touch of Moki Gray who styled and conceptualized the whole shoot. Everyone will witness this milestone with the photos and video taken by an upcoming great young talent in Myio Okamoto and the seasoned videographer team of Vidlens, respectively.

We thank these wedding suppliers for walking with us in this journey. And we thank you, our dearest readers and followers, for sticking with us through thick and thin. We are all looking forward to seeing YOUR wedding in this next chapter. Thank you and believe that #WalangForever…Single.

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Photographer: Myio Okamoto / Videographer: Vidlens / Gown: Zandra Lim / Bouquet: Dave Sandoval / Hair & Make Up: Lindsay Co-Alog / Styling: Moki Gray