Bride Talks: Proper Turnover To Your OTD Coordinator

Wedding planning is stressful but if you’re as organize as our today’s featured bride, oh well, you’re right on track. We’re so happy to found a bride like Maan. We heard she helps brides on their planning in an online bridal community that’s why she’s loved by everyone.

She messaged us on our Facebook page: “I would also like to share my wedding turnover tips but it’s a bit informal. I realized I was on the informal side so it feels awkward for me. But knowing how you post & publish, I think it’ll be better than how I put it up”

So here it is, our avid readers. Click the link below, read, and you’ll definitely have stress-free turnover to your OTD coordinator.

Proper turnover to your OTD coordinator



Bride Talks: A School-Themed Wedding in Boracay

Our Bride Talks series continues. Today our featured bride is Jane Alcovindas-Carriveau.

“Growing up in a military household where weddings are almost always big and grand, Daniel and I chose to keep ours small and intimate. We veered away from having ‘godparents’ we didn’t know personally. We wanted our wedding to be an opportunity for our family and friends to build relationships.

Since we both love the beach and are both teachers (not to mention, we met in a Japanese class), we decided to have our wedding on an island we both like – Boracay – and to have a ‘school’ themed wedding. Because I (used to) visit Boracay at least once a year, I knew that January is the best month to tie the knot on the island with the downside being that it’d be busy and pricey, too.

Considering this, we were torn whether to go for a January wedding or not. However, our school winter break is from late December to early January, so we still opted to have our wedding on the first week of January – 01/07/17 (hence, the hashtag #DandJ010717) and figured that we just have to accept the fact that a lot of people wouldn’t be able to make it to our wedding.

My world began to crash when we were welcomed by gloomy weather the moment our plane landed on the island and the constant downpour at night did not help either. People asked me to do some ‘rituals’ to make the rain stop; I opted to keep praying to God for perfect weather instead. Needless to say, He answered our prayer and there was not a single drop of rain on our wedding day (rain continued pouring the next day, though). We were also blessed that a handful of people flew in to celebrate with us. The Lord put everything together and made our wedding exactly how He wanted it to be. ☺ So yeah, overall, our wedding was awesome (not perfect, but awesome).

As an ex-bride and now a wife, my advice to the brides-to-be, know your priorities. Remember: Weddings are meant to be fun, not necessarily grand. Most importantly, pray. Pray for guidance, wisdom, provision, patience, and more love as you prepare for your wedding.
Congratulations and have fun, wives-to-be! ☺”