7 Wedding Themes That We’re Delighted To See in 2017

First of all, we want to greet you a happy and a prosperous new year. It has been a merry 2016 with you and we are looking for even a merrier 2017. So as we welcome this new season, we give you our first big treat.

The new year comes with the birth of new ideas, and 2017 is no other. New wedding themes are emerging and will definitely be trending this year. So without further ado, here are some wedding themes that will surely be on everyone’s top of mind.


Everyone has been aching to see the release of the live-action movie version of the fairytale we all love, Beauty and the Beast. With the grand setting, big-ballooned gowns, and shimmering table settings, anyone could pull off a theme out of this fairytale, just replace the beast with a dashing Prince Charming–a groom.


Photos from Pinterest


If rustic-themed weddings have consistently been on trend this past year, 2017 will be the year of the industrial chic theme, then. Having this theme is edgier and looks like a setting of a dystopian novel. If barns and ranches have been popular for the former, then factories and warehouses would be perfect for this emerging theme.


Photos from Pinterest


Barongs and Filipinianas are now seldom worn in weddings, but you can still show your patriotism with this neo ethnic wedding theme. This is a mixture of modernity and the traditional. Sarongs and other ethnic materials would be a great accent to your wedding.


Left photos by GJ Esguerra Photography. Right photos from Pinterest


Speaking of accents and accessories, papers have recently been more used now in weddings. So it would not be shocking if an origami-themed one would be well liked this year. It sounds oriental yet perfect.


Left photo by Nicolai Melicor Photography. Right photo by Matt Lee Shoots



If you want to bring the Parisian vibe, meanwhile, then this French elegance-wedding theme would suit you. It is classic and fashionable. Your wedding will be ala La Vie en rose.



Since everyone and everything is going green nowadays, greenery-themed wedding would be awe-inspiring. Bring the green grasses and small flowers to the venue, and your wedding will be magical.


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Lastly, we think blossoming glamour-themed weddings will be in this 2017. Blossoming flowers will make your wedding much more beautiful, while amber lights will add warm to the ambiance. When the two is combined, it will produce a glamorous one.


Photos from Pinterest

Special Feature: Weddingscape – Bridal Trends and Deals Online

After Merry to Marry, here comes another platform that will definitely transform the landscape of the Philippine wedding industry. Let us all welcome, Weddingscape.

Weddingscape is a brainchild of one of the founders of Merry to Marry, Princess Ramos, and her lovely prince, Cheloy Ramos. Weddingscape makes wedding planning easy. For netizens, it is your online catalogue where you can scroll through their laudable portfolios, competitive rates, and even their exciting promos. You no longer need to spend long hours in line during wedding bazaars because your wedding suppliers are just one click away. Also, overseas couples who can’t attend bridal fairs in the country can now book their preferred suppliers online and get some discounts and/or freebies!

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Weddingscape recently had a soft launch that was attended by some of the respected and reputable wedding suppliers in the country — Jason Magbanua, Makeup Studio Team by Madge Lejano, Threelogy, Daniel Talavera Photography, GJ Esguerra Photography, Indie Hippie Prenup Styling, Ruffa & Mike Photography, Zoombox Videos, Paper Project Photography, Moki Gray, A Magical Event by Marj Dizon, HG Studio, Jed Calara Photography, Veronica Velayo, and Kanvas Inc. These suppliers had also pitched in their ideas how this project can be successful.

Weddingscape begins transforming the wedding scene in March 2016. Visit its website at www.weddingscape.com.ph.

Together with Merry to Marry, we are here to help you achieve that wedding you have been dreaming of.


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Photographer: Jed Calara Photography / Styling: Moki Gray / Location & Catering: Kuppa Roastery and Cafe / Souvernirs: Kultura