A Chinese New Year Special

Gong Xi Fa Cai! The golden dog has arrived and prosperity is upon us. Let’s celebrate then the Chinese New Year with a Tinghun shoot. For those who don’t know it yet, tinghun is a Chinese tradition for couples who are getting in their journey to marriage life. And Lionel and Kat is ready to embark on this.

This event was presided at the AG New World Manila Hotel where it was attended and witnessed by the couple’s closest kins. As expected, the room was painted in red, signifying the area where prosperity and love coexist. Den Llanos Dee was able to navigate his way through the sea of crowds just to take magnificent photos as these. Because of him, we are able to take a peek into this amazing tradition.

Photo: Den Llanos Dee | Venue: AG New World Manila Hotel | Bridal Gown: Jazel Sy | HMUA: Rick Calderon | Bouquets: Nikki Chatto | Stylist: Kathy Sy King | Cake: Hearts & Bells Cakes | Coordination/Host: Jerome Go


A Spring Day Engagement Shoot

Valentine’s Day celebration may be over but spreading love here on this site is not. It’s way way way far from being over. Hence today, we give you another catching engagement shoot that may pique your interest. Daniel Talavera is back with a spring day-like prenuptial session that will certainly brighten up your day.

Daniel Talavera has teamed up with Indie Hippie Style for this flowery, vibrant shoot, focusing on the couple—Ric and Emilie. Just like the flowers at Jardin De Miramar , this couple has blossomed beautifully. Their smiles can’t be denied while their excitement to be together for the rest of their lives can’t be concealed any longer. Let us all be excited for them too.

Photo: Daniel Talavera Photography | Stylist: Indie Hippie Style | HMUA: Glow by Gerly | Venue: Jardin De Miramar