Bride Talks: A Wedding Supplier’s Big Day

Today is the last Friday before we solemnly observe the Holy Week. But before that, we want to leave you, our most loyal readers and followers, a feature that will make you realize the importance and value of all wedding suppliers.

We want to present to you a big dipper wedding as told by the bride herself. Ielyn and her now husband, Julius, came together in one of the biggest collaborated events of wedding suppliers. Being part of the Big Dipper Co., a wedding videography company, the couple was able to forge relationships with other vendors, especially with videographers and photographers. True enough, these vendors all worked together to make the couple’s union an unforgettable one.

“Five years in the industry, I have witnessed hundreds of weddings. Given that I am a wedding supplier, planning my own wedding is a bit easy than a normal bride-to-be. Knows who and what to prioritize, do’s and dont’s, differences from wants and needs. With the help also of my friends in the industry, my wedding turned out beautifully. It exceeds my expectations.

Liz Ranola and Betty Uy personalized my invitation. You can see Julius as videographer holding camera and me as an editor sitting down with a laptop on the front page of the invitation. When I receive the layout, I felt that this is it! I am really getting married. I felt more excited. Then the day comes! Rae Venturanza Salazar as my make-up artist and Nhots as my hair stylist transform me into a “supermodela bride”. And of course, if you can see, my gown was personally crafted by Tito Boy Kastner who made me looked more elegant even if it is so much revealing because of its deep cut in the front, still felt comfortable wearing his creation. Literally, “all eyes on me” every time I passed by. The events place on the beachfront of La Luz Beach Resort in San Juan Laiya, Batangas turned out to be more picturesque because of the creative heads of For Keeps Events Stylist led by Ms. Angie Metin from the ceremony set-up to the reception area. Me, my husband Julius Patricio and all our guests were amazed on how it turned out. And with the help of Jets and Rhona Battung from Canaan Celebrations, I’ve never experienced stressed or kinda worry. I felt so relaxed and happy and excited! Well, to all our Big Dipper Co. couples, we always mention that the coordinators are one of the most important wedding supplier on the day of their wedding, really! They are the stress-absorber and they oversee every detail.. If not for them you will not fully enjoy the celebration. Thumbs up to all the wedding coordinators! J And Lastly, to all our photographerssss and videographersss with so much “s” because they are so many! Haha. From prenup to the wedding day! Collaborations of different studios from The Perfect Grey Photography: Arlene Briones, She Aguiba, Ej Llagrimas and Oak St. Studios : Jonathan Keh, Betty Uy, Liz Ranola, Kim Lim. To our videographers from The Sparks Series: Dux Dacudao, Rojen Sullera, Myca Guinchoma, Henry Samson, Film Factory, Arjay Bagay and Jigz Almonina, our good friends Jojo Ramallosa, Anthony De Guzman and of course to our Big Dipper Co. family Flip Penas and Angelo Leanda and our SDE editor from Reel Story Videos: Tony Perez. They all captured perfectly the love and celebration.

After we got married, I appreciated more the importance of photographers and videographers because on the day, I was so busy and I didn’t have much time to see everything, talk to everyone and appreciate everything that was happening. After all I was busy preparing my vows, imagining my walk towards the aisle, and making myself the most beautiful bride that my husband would see. I realized that it is one of the most important suppliers in a wedding. We got to see how our ceremony and reception was beautifully made, We appreciated how detail was carefully thought of and put into motion. I saw the joy of our guests even though we didn’t spend much time during our wedding.  As we browse on each photo and watched our video countless times all we can do is smile as we re-live every moment, that was the time that truly appreciated what God has given us, A beautiful wedding. ”

Photo: Perfect Grey Photography and Oak St. Studios / HMUA: Rae Venturanza Salazar / Gown: Boy Kastner / Location: La Luz Beach Resort / Video: The Sparks Series , Film FactoryBig Dipper Co. and Reel Story Videos (SDE)

Bride Talks: Hiring a Professional Wedding Coordinator

It’s Friday and it means weekend is just right in the corner. But, for us, it also means bride talks Friday, where we get to hear inspiring stories straight from the brides themselves. And today, we are featuring Pia who stresses the importance of the role of hiring an experienced wedding coordinator.

“When you spend months or even years planning a big event, you would want every detail to be perfect; let alone your wedding. You only get married once! After all, you have spent so many hours researching and double checking your suppliers.

I was a very hands-on bride so I opted to get an on-the-day coordinator, instead, to assist me to execute the proper sequence of the wedding. I used to think that anyone can be your coordinator. WRONG! Your wedding coordinator should be focused, efficient, and very professional. After all, a wedding coordinator’s job is to make sure all goes well towards and during the day of the wedding.

If you ever think you no longer need a coordinator even if you’re the most hands-on bride, then you’re wrong! Your wedding day will go by so fast. Trust me on this. It’ll be a day of nerves, tears, excitement and so much more. You will need someone who will remind you and everyone else of the timeline. You will need someone who will assist you during photo ops. You will need someone who will talk to the suppliers on the day itself. I learned all of these during my wedding. It is important to hire a trust worthy coordinator so you and that person can execute your wedding vision accordingly.”