Drowned by Your Love

And for our final destination for this week, let’s take a trip down south to the lover’s lane of Bali, Indonesia and find love with unique story of two souls bravely fight for each other against all odds. Here’s the beach wedding of John and Brad that proves #LoveWins.

Set in the pristine beaches of this island is where the union of this happy couple. Unending support from everyone who witnessed the union filled the air of island, while unconditional love flowed into. Thank you, Mango Red, for sharing with us this inspiring story between love and love and that goes beyond the norm.

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Photographer: Mango Red / Location: Bali, Indonesia


A Day in Kyoto

Today, let us all take a side trip to one of the prominent cities in Japan — Kyoto. With the scenic and picturesque features of this city, there’s no doubt why it was the chosen location for the post-wedding session of Mark and Melissa.

Stunningly photographed by Jeff and Lisa Photography, the couple lovingly engaged in a day-after session. Well not literally a day after their wedding, since they flew to Japan a week after the union. For the couple, it was also a trip to the honeymoon boulevard, that’s why you will see the couple’s warm love on the way they look at each other during the cool weather of the city.

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Photographer: Jeff and Lisa Photography /  Location: Kyoto, Japan