Rustic Regals

Are you familiar with the setting of famous period movies like “Sense and Sensibility” and “Becoming Jane” — well, Jane Austen film adaptations? Classic, regal and rustic.

Imagine yourself with your loved one dining out in a verdant green lawn, under the clear blue sky, cool breeze and sun rays grazing your skin, complimented by those exquisitely designed tea cups, wines, mouthwatering macarons and cakes, how elegant is that? Add to that the wooden crates, dice and well-thought-out tent completing the backdrop for this shoot. What more can you ask for? (And those rustic candelabras and eggholders are to die for!) These perfectly described the overall theme of our featured e-session today. Our couple, Raymond and Myra, undoubtedly personified their dream engagement with the help of the wonderful collaboration of our “customary” Dream Team of Team Benitez Photo and The Wanderlust Productions. Let’s give our curtsy to them for doing a job well done.

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Photographer: Team Benitez Photo / Stylist: The Wanderlust Productions



We have already posted garden weddings in the past, but there is no other garden wedding as elegant as today’s feature. This coming together of Killian and Stacy exuded sophistication that matched the calmness of the trees and sky. You will love this as much as we absolutely love everything about this union.

We thought everything–energy, money, and time–was poured into this, and it paid off. The venue was the perfect place for this event, whereas the resounding sophistication became more palpable with those touches of blues and violets. We can’t help ourselves but praise how neat and slick the attires of the entourage and of our couple. We are surely drooling over that intricately detailed Oz Go‘s gown. Of course, Editorial Wedding team really did a very good job in taking these stills. It was bold and crisp that showed us the elegance of this wedding that has been.

20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-0011 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-0028 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-0032 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-0134 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-0155 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-0158 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-0202 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-0203 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-0242 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-0297 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-0304 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-0408 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-0431 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-0439 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-0447 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-0468 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-0480 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-0524 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-0574 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-0628 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-0651 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-0768 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-0785 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-0846 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-1164 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-1232 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-1309 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-1335 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-1405 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-1444 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-1564 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-1583 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-1792 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-1794 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-2107 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-2194 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-2336 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-2378 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-2395 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-2498 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-2576 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-2586 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-2618 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-2639 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-2659 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-2739 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-2756 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-2792 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-2806 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-3006 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-3052 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-3242 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-3321 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-3477 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-3608 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-3643 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-3653 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-3680 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-3718 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-3772 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-3973 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-4020 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-4115 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-4432 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-4436 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-4477 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-4547 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-4586 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-4676 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-4894 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-4907 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-5048 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-5261 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-5376 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-5436 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-5478 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-5501 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-5616 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-5749 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-5757 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-5766 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-5770 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-5772 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-5773 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-5775 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-5793 20150103-Killian-and-Stacy-6641 20150430-invitation-0015 20150430-invitation-0018

Photographer: Robert Christian Lizan of Editorial Wedding / Videographer: Motion Diaries / Ceremony and Reception Venue and Catering: Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila / Bride’s Dress: Oz Go / Bride’s Shoes: Steve Madden / Bridesmaid Dresses: Pia Gajasan / Groom’s Attire: Felipe & Sons / Hair and Make Up: Anjie Gogna / Bouquets, Flowers, Decor, and Event Stylist: The Royal Flower Shoppe / Cake: Baker Hearts and Bells Cake Artistry / Invitations & Stationery, Favors: M-Plus Printgraphics / Band: Chillitees / Ceremony Musicians: Holly Paraiso / Host, Wedding Planner and Coordinator: Thea Ocana of My Big Event / Lights and Sounds: Crossmix Lights & Sounds / Rental Furniture: Ghost Chairs by OliveTree / Groom’s Watch: IWC / Groom’s Wedding Band: Bvlgari / Groom’s Shoes: Hugo Boss / Personalized Hangers: Hangstyle Manila