Are you a camera? Why? Because every time I look at you, I smile.

There you go. There’s our best pick-me-up for this Tuesday morning. It’s cheesy, but it’s something that will truly put a smile in your face, won’t it? If not, here is our today’s feature that will surely brighten up your already-stressed day.

The theme for this pre wedding shoot is, nonetheless, pick up lines: a very fitting concept for a jubilant couple like Cy and Phoebe. We just don’t know if the couple, or anyone of the couple, is a fan of either John Lloyd Cruz or Toni Gonzaga, but this somewhat reminds us of the blockbuster flick, “My Amnesia Girl”.  As we scroll down the photos, we can’t help but smile from ear to ear, seeing how this concept reflects the sunny disposition of the couple. Of course, this shoot would not be this light and fun yet meaningful if not because of Josie Carreon who spearheaded this project. Thank you for capturing these pick-me-up moments.

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Photographer: Josie Carreon / Hair and Make Up: Dane Tamayo / Location: UP Diliman, UP Bonsai Garden



Have you already decided on the date of your wedding? We know it can be dreading sometimes, especially if you have already one in mind but the universe doesn’t seem in favor of you. Thus as a wedding 101, you have to start preparing one or two years from the wedding date you’ve been dreaming of. Start reserving and paying for it, and everything will just fall into places.

Eric and Sarah, our today’s featured couple, had a once-in-a-lifetime wedding for sure for its date. They married on December 13, 2014. Looks ordinary? Think again! They tied the knot on 12-13-14. It’s a moment that happens only once. Isn’t it mind boggling?

Here’s another fact that will make you jealous: the ‘avengers’ took part in this momentous event. Yes, you read that right!  These avengers were handpicked by the couple from the marvel cinematic wedding universe to create this MARVELous event. They were Rich Fontanilla who made that sheer, detailed gown; Vatel Manila for the blooming cascade of flowers; Francis Libiran, a master who made that sleek suit of the groom; and Pat Dy who captured these knock-out pictures. Kapow!

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Bridal Gown: Rich Fontanilla / Groom’s Suit: Francis Libiran / Mother and Entourage’s Dress: Cocoy Lisazo / Hair and Make-up: Mayone Bakunawa / Flower: Vatel Manila / Church: Manila Cathedral / Reception: Sofitel / Photographer: Pat Dy / Videographer: Mayad Studios