Made in the Philippines

Today’s wedding feature will make you proud of all things Filipino or made in the Philippines. Basile and Kate’s coming together was a meeting of the traditional and the modern Filipino wedding that will inspire you and open your minds to patronize our own products.

This theme is not new and probably, you already have seen one before, but what makes it stand out and commendable is that it was a union of a Filipino bride and a seemingly non-Filipino groom. Nevertheless, it is admirable to see the groom and his Pusong Pinoy, professing his love for his bride in that fine and classic barong tagalog. While there’s only a few who chooses this as their wedding outfit nowadays, this foreignoy chose and wore this with pride and very much in love. Other things that you will see here as accents are the Manila hemps and San Miguel Beer pilsen that has both Tatak Pinoy. Thank you Orange Studio for capturing these proudly Pinoy wedding.
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Photography: Orange Studio / Reception: Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao / Ceremony: Sta. Ana Parish Church / Decor, Flowers: Something Splendid


Of Romantic Dates

Girls, where do you want your boyfriends to take you out for dates? And guys, where do you usually take your girlfriends out? Are you both foodies who love to have unexpected discoveries? Or travel buddies who explore anywhere your feet take you? Or are you both charming geeks who love board games or go to amusement parks? Perhaps, you already have answers for these questions, but Ryan and Tessa have summed up theirs (possibly) in this engagement shoot.

You will see in Benjie Tiongco‘s documentation the romantic activities we all love to do and to share the fun with our significant ones. From the fun activity of flying through the skating rink to going to the deepest world of the sea and up to having fun in the amusement park, this session got it covered.

Take a peek at these photos and reminisce on your most romantic dates.

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