It’s the last day of September today and hopefully we could feel by now the breeze of the ‘ber months’ as October comes. We have been aching for a cooler weather for many weeks now and this engagement season in Baguio City has intensified that feeling. It even makes us want to get on the bus and travel to the city of pines.

Owen and Nikka Wedding Photography, a Baguio-La Union based photography team, has lived up to everyone’s expectation for being a wedding photographer worth checking out with these photos. They were able to blend in the texture and filter of each photo to the mood of the weather and to the theme of the engagement shoot of Den and Vicka. It feels like the shoot was done outside the country and it makes us want to drink a coffee and read a book by the burning logs.

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Photographer:  Owen and Nikka Wedding Photography / Venues: Frangeli House, Camp John HayLe Monet Hotel Baguio City



You will realize that you, as a couple, are both doing almost everything together especially during the first year of marriage. Both of you will do the household chores together (even if the other one does fewer than the other). Both of you will go to church together. And both of you will go to malls together and go shopping, however different your tastes are. Speaking of shopping, meanwhile, there is an activity both the husband and the wife are dreading for: grocery! (Or at least for some)

The constant budgeting, thinking of what to buy and what not to buy, and discerning what are the needs versus what are the wants seem like both an art and a science. It is quite dreadful Gio and Katz practiced it on the day of their wedding.

You will see through these stills how the reception became a posh dry market where the couples looked and walked around. It’s a nice twist in a wedding, most definitely. Also through these photos, we get to see that modified A-line silhouette gown by EVEA Couture. It is divinely beautiful, showcasing the curves of the bride. Thanks, Nez Cruz, for taking photos after photos of this farm market-themed wedding. Happy market!

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Church: Santuario de San Antonio / Reception: Enderun Colleges / Photographer: Nez Cruz Photography / Couturier: EVEA Couture / Cake: Joy San Gabriel Cakes / Flowers: Full Blooms by Inah Anupol / Coordination: Kiss The Girl Events / Bridal Hair and Make Up: Mayone Bakunawa-Balbarin / Spoiled Groom: Union Barber Shop / Cinematography: Kreative Machines