Osaka Love

We are pretty sure that Japan is included in your list whenever asked about your dream honeymoon destination. There are several things we think why: be immersed in the bustling city of Tokyo, dance under the faultless beauty of cherry blossom, and/or relive childhood at Universal Studios Japan while drinking your butter beer. You can now experience all of these in a heartbeat especially that visiting the Land of the Rising Sun is easier.

While many of us dream of this as a honeymoon boulevard, today’s featured couple used Osaka as a backdrop for their engagement shoot, instead. Captured by Vintanna Photography, Jeremy and Chiharu were able to channel some Asianovela’s ‘kilig’ moves and poses in their hoodies and warmers. Even just for a moment, it felt like these pictures are promotional outtakes from a Japanese romantic show. Kampai!

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Photographer: Vintanna Photography


Gone are the days when wedding had only one color motif. Nowadays, couple chooses different hues that will go well with the theme. There were weddings where the whole entourage is dressed in two different colors, but Gem and Lovely’s is another story. The bridesmaids were dressed in different pastel colors.

This made this union as refreshing as it looked. It also helped the champagne sheer gown to stand out among the light hues and the rustic wood. We liked the fact when the groom opted for a barong that goes well with the colors. Thank you The Perfect Grey Photography for being an instrument in capturing this wonderful, colorful union.

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Photographer: The Perfect Grey Photography / Coordination: Vanessa Marfil