In The City

Yesterday, we featured an interesting e-sesh that made you realize that you don’t need to travel far for your shoot. Even every corner of your house will do. You only need to run your imagination and go for it. Today, we give you another interesting backdrop that you might want to check out.

Have you ever known that there is a beach in the metro? Yes, Azure Urban Resort Residences boasts a man-made beach and where Christian and Mae Ann’s engagement shoot was taken. Peter Allarey Photography took care of the overall session and shot good pictures. You may notice that Allarey maximized the location and used it to its potential. Makeup by Jo Chan also definitely did a tremendous work by enhancing the looks of the couple, especially the future bride who looked radiantly beautiful.

Take a look at this shoot and plunge into the beach.

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Photographer: Peter Allarey PhotographyHair and Make Up: Makeup by Jo ChanStyling: Yvonne Camay


In This Inverted Room

You do not need to travel miles away just to look for an interesting backdrop for engagement and you do not need to spend a lot in order for you to have that perfect shoot, when you can have your e-sesh in the four corners of your room. Of course, having more budget for it would not hurt, but you only need your creativity, a lens, and most definitely your love for each other to capture those succinct yet beautiful moments. This is what you will learn from our today’s feature.

Shot inside a concrete shoebox was where Moie and Kathz had their e-sesh which was directed by CamZar Photography. With these lovely outtakes, who now needs those locations that are far from the city and/or a session where you have to spend lavishly? Creativity is the key. Open your imagination and feel how you can show the world your love.

MoieandKathzPrenup01 MoieandKathzPrenup02 MoieandKathzPrenup04 MoieandKathzPrenup05 MoieandKathzPrenup06 MoieandKathzPrenup07 MoieandKathzPrenup10 MoieandKathzPrenup14 MoieandKathzPrenup15 MoieandKathzPrenup16 MoieandKathzPrenup17 MoieandKathzPrenup18 MoieandKathzPrenup19 MoieandKathzPrenup20 MoieandKathzPrenup22 MoieandKathzPrenup24 MoieandKathzPrenup25 MoieandKathzPrenup27 MoieandKathzPrenup28 MoieandKathzPrenup30

Photographer: CamZar Photography / Styling: Joie De Vivre / Hair and Make Up: Katrina Galang