Mood and Wood

The wedding theme sets not only how your union will look like, but also its mood and tone. A white and black wedding theme exudes elegance and class, whereas a Parisian-themed wedding has a stylishly posh vibe. There are several themes to choose from, and our couple for today opted for a wooden-rustic theme.

Karl and Valerie’s union showed how wood and ropes would make you feel closer to home. It’s cozy, simple, and light. The skin tone color brought lightness that affected the mood of the event. It also helped to use some beach accents, such as shells and sands, to bring a dash of calmness. Wood for good mood. We dare to say.

CamZar Photography caught this particular mood through the photos we are about to share with you. You will also find here the gorgeous bouquet of flowers arranged by Teddy Manuel. And as a bonus, we give to you the wedding video of the couple impeccably crafted by Vidlens.

We hope this simple feature would bring you good mood on a Monday, turning it from manic to merry.

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Preparation: Oakwood Premier / Church: Santuario de San Jose / Reception: Oasis Manila Pavilion / Photographer: CamZar Photography / Videographer: Vidlens / Coordinator:  Events by Thoffy / Bridal Bouquet: Teddy Manuel / Entourage Flowers: Sweetstems / Hair and Make Up: Val Villarin / Caterer: CVJ Catering / Suit: Merger (Church)/ Emil Ocampo (Reception) / Gown: Emil Ocampo / Long Gown: Manny Aquino Mondelo / Mobile Bar: GQ Mobile Bar / Photobooth: Pose and Print / Lights and Sound: Rejectkrew / Projector, Screen and Livefeed: Metrotech / Robe: Victoria Secret / Bridal shoes: Charles & Keith / Crew Meal: Packed Gourmet / Bridal Car: Nico Fernandez / Calligraphy: Pixel & Ink / Invitation Suite: Paul Divina / Missalette Printing: N3 Prints / Groom’s Shoes: Call It Spring and Bristol / Menu, Thank you Cards, Door Tags, Program, Ispy Layouts, Missalette cover: Solidprints / Entourage Gowns: Adora’s Creations


Special Feature: Maternity Shoot – Addition

What’s the true essence of being a woman? This is a trite question we hear from every beauty pageant. But what really is the answer? Simply quoting from someone, “Just being a woman is God’s gift that all of us must appreciate. The origin of a child is a mother, and is a woman. She shows a man what sharing, caring and loving is all about. That is the essence of a woman.” It is a knockout answer to a question that deserves more than a crown. As we are having this special feature, as the founder of this blog, I just want to share to you my journey to fulfilling that essence of being a woman — becoming a mother.

I am beyond happy and cannot wait the world to meet the newest addition to our growing family: baby Sychar Ned. As we wait for our first child, we took this time to document this chapter of our lives while I still carry him inside my womb.

I personally want to thank Arbee Laberinto for capturing these stills that me and my husband will treasure for the rest of our lives.

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Venue: Rhapsody Residences / Photographer: Arbee Laberinto / Hair and Make Up: Clip Lounge Salon / Calligraphy: Lara de Peralta