Today’s wedding feature probably has the most powerhouse wedding suppliers we have ever featured. It lists the most in-demand suppliers, fitting for the powerful and respected couple: Congressman Paolo and his lovely wife, Veca.

It seems like this celebration is faultless with all the names gathered. Metrophoto, headed by Orly Ruiz, never failed to capture moments with substance and a dash of drama. While Jason Magbanua was made sure to encapsulate the union in a video. Irene Sy Go glamorized the bride while wearing a stunning Veluz gown. At the same, the Manila Philharmonic filled the Makati Shangri-La with good music to the ears. Couldn’t this get any better? And could anyone top this hashtag: #paoLOVEca? Possibly, but until then.

Veca_Paolo_WB001 Veca_Paolo_WB002 Veca_Paolo_WB003 Veca_Paolo_WB004 Veca_Paolo_WB005 Veca_Paolo_WB006 Veca_Paolo_WB007 Veca_Paolo_WB011 Veca_Paolo_WB012 Veca_Paolo_WB013 Veca_Paolo_WB016 Veca_Paolo_WB018 Veca_Paolo_WB020 Veca_Paolo_WB021 Veca_Paolo_WB022 Veca_Paolo_WB024 Veca_Paolo_WB025 Veca_Paolo_WB027 Veca_Paolo_WB029 Veca_Paolo_WB030 Veca_Paolo_WB031 Veca_Paolo_WB035 Veca_Paolo_WB038 Veca_Paolo_WB039 Veca_Paolo_WB051 Veca_Paolo_WB052 Veca_Paolo_WB054 Veca_Paolo_WB060 Veca_Paolo_WB064 Veca_Paolo_WB068 Veca_Paolo_WB069 Veca_Paolo_WB071 Veca_Paolo_WB075 Veca_Paolo_WB076 Veca_Paolo_WB077 Veca_Paolo_WB078 Veca_Paolo_WB079 Veca_Paolo_WB080 Veca_Paolo_WB081 Veca_Paolo_WB083 Veca_Paolo_WB084 Veca_Paolo_WB085 Veca_Paolo_WB086 Veca_Paolo_WB087 Veca_Paolo_WB089 Veca_Paolo_WB090 Veca_Paolo_WB091 Veca_Paolo_WB092 Veca_Paolo_WB093 Veca_Paolo_WB094 Veca_Paolo_WB098 Veca_Paolo_WB101 Veca_Paolo_WB102 Veca_Paolo_WB103

Planning & Coordination: Kutchie Zaldarriaga Of Getting Married Phils / Church: Santuario De San Antonio / Reception: Makati Shangri-La – Rizal Ballroom / Photographer : Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto / Videographer: Jason Magbanua / Bridal Gown: Veluz / Styling: Gideon Hermosa / Music: Manila Philharmonic / Comedian: Alex Calleja / Emcee: Atom Ungson / Sounds: JAMSY / Lights: Forscink Inc. / Cake: Penk Ching  / Invites: Amis Print / Hair and Make Up: Irene Sy Go / Photobooth: Barely Toast / Chairs: Cilla & Co.



Ranch Charmings

Yesterday, we saw a unique wedding idea where the preparation and reception were done completely outdoorsy. Today, we bring to you another interesting backdrop for wedding and/or engagement.

As narrated by Jed Calara Photography, you will witness an engagement session of the charming couple, Paolo and Lysette, in an interestingly vast and good location in Subic — El Kabayo. Lysette lovely posed in front of the lenses in Jo Rubio’s dress, while being complemented by her groom. Basked together in the sun, they seemed like they had a good time exploring the location as Calara also showcased different interesting areas of the backdrop.

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Photo: Jed Calara Photography / Location: El Kabayo, Subic