Radical Love

These are so rad! This is the first thing that comes to our minds when we see these photos.  Proudrad must have really been proud of this rad wedding of Onekk and Cy. We could not help but gasp some air for that black and white beauty shot and that dramatic scene of the bride by the balcony. That is astonishingly perfect.

Also, the shot showing the landscape of Balai Taal in Tagaytay City as the venue for this garden/cliff wedding is tastefully captured. We are sure how surreal this event has been not only for the couple but also for the entourage and guests who witnessed both the solemnity of the union and the tranquility of the surroundings.


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Hair and Make Up:  Manilla Santos-Ng and Anabelle Chua / Dress: Oleg Cassini / Catering: K by Cunanan / Venue: Balai Taal, Tagaytay City Philippines / Official Photographer: Shayla Sanchez of Imagination / Backup Photographer: PROUDRAD



Do you remember your toddler days when you took your parents’ hands and dragged them to carnivals to see those bright lights, dancing fountains, amiable characters and mascots, and those rides that tickle you? Do you still remember what it feels like to be young again and be in the happiest place on earth? Why? Because we still do! And this carnival-themed engagement shoot even make us want to hastily swing by the nearest amusement park.

This local carnival called perya is the backdrop of Dean and Anya’s e-session. But Jerold Donal, the man behind the shoot, manages to take this peryaan to the next level. It is as amusing as the location, no less. Aside from the setting, what we love about this shoot is the attire of the couple. It is colorful and goes together with the background. Both are done with intricacies especially the groom-to-be who seems to be wearing a t’boli polo. We will make sure then that we can pull off this attire the next time we visit the carnival and be merry-go-round.

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Photographer: Jerold Donal