New Year, Newly Wed

Happy New Year to our dearest readers! It’s 2015 and we are back with fireworks and love!

Merry to Marry brings you a new feature that will surely stun and inspire you! We bet! Would you not be inspired by a wedding that is styled and done out of the couple’s sweats themselves? Yes, this is a DIY wedding to a higher level.

The styling and even the small details in this momentous event are impressive. Given the demand and tight schedule of their individuals’ lives, this charming couple really made time to have a personal touch to this event and put a great amount of love. And this is very evident to these stills taken wonderfully by RatedLove Photography.

We commend the styling of RatedLove for this one. They captured how light and bright this couple and the wedding has been. We rate this with 5 hearts, most definitely! Congrats!

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Photographer: RatedLove Photography / Hair and Make Up: Sarah Suyom / Stylist: Bride and Her Friends


Happy Holidays from your Merry to Marry Family!

We’ve shared with you, our dear readers, wedding and engagement inspirations and we hope in this way, we have helped you plan your DREAM wedding. Since it’s the holiday season, we will let you spend quality time with your loved ones. We will leave you with a compilation of our featured couples and sessions. We will be back on the 5th of January and will continue sharing to you the best weddings and engagements for 2015. Please continue supporting us and  visit and feast your eyes with the captivating stories with our shoots and videos. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones. To more weddings and engagements!