Indigo Sky

One day to go before we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. But before we head to the Christmas Eve celebration and before we fill ourselves with gastronomic fuel, let us all visit and see these ravishing photos from the wedding of Jeshua and Sharlene.

It seems like this union ticked off every single pointer in having a successful one, wedding supplies-wise. The backdrops, the gown, the entourage, and down to the accessories looked precisely beautiful and on point. But what’s stunning was the shot where the Indigo sky was the background. It is otherworldly. Beyond words. Dino Lara Photography has done a terrific job in here. And according to this team, what they cannot forget from this union was the bride’s Clash of Clans’ wedding vow to her groom. Wow, we’re digging it!

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Photographer: Dino Lara Photography / Venue: Blue Leaf Filipinas / Reception: Century Seafood Restaurant


When Two Worlds Meet

As we continue to celebrate the bagging of Philippine’ third Miss Universe crown just recently, here is a wedding of two individuals from two different sides of the world. Mary Ann, Filipino, tied the knot with Rob, a foreigner.

Amidst being accustomed to two different cultures and traditions, these two got married in San Agustin Church in Manila and in which Rob was seen wearing an electric blue Barong Tagalog. That color must have been the luckiest and most popular one for this year. Bliss and Berries snapped photo after photo during this union and they probably enjoyed photographing the couples, especially Rob who is in all things Filipino.

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Preparations: Oakwood Premier, Ortigas / Ceremony: San Agustin Church / Reception: Ilustrado, Intramuros Manila / Photographer: Bliss and Berries