To The Summit

An engagement shoot can be challenging and taxing, especially if it’s done outdoors. At the same time, shooting outside the studio or indoors is way more fun. Despite how difficult the location may be or the inclement weather, the outcome will always be worth the challenge.

You may have already seen couples who had their e-session outside the country, others who chose the sea to be the backdrop, and others who went the extra miles, only literally. Just like Paul and Lian who trekked miles to get a taste of the paradise, that is Mt. Pulag.

While embraced by the cool wind, this couple caught the sunrise that gave them warm kisses. The sun was starting to peak in as the couple started posing fashionably in front of the lens. It seems like this session also became a travel blog captured beautifully by Chestknots Studios. Every photo, nonetheless, feels like we are following the journey of this young couple.

Let’s tread this path, hold my hand, and never let go.

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Photographer: Chestknots Studios / Styling: Lifestyle by Feliz / Videographer: Notion in Motion / Make Up: Lian Capili


Sugar Sweet

There is nothing sweeter than marrying your special one–your cupcake, your butterscotch, your sweetie pie. Whatever you call each other, the day of your wedding will be the start of a sweeter chapter of your lives together. Just ask any married couple and they would probably tell you the same. Or better yet, ask Wendell about the day he married his Sugar and he would narrate the story without any sugarcoat.

Wendell and Lesley, or Sugar as she prefers, just had a tooth-tingling wedding which had been filled with bright, candy colors. Wishbone took wonderful photos that showed the overloaded sweetness this union has been. Whereas A Magical Event by Marj Dizon barely escaped and eventually gave in to this brimful of happiness as she coordinated all the sweet-tooth guests. Can’t you follow? Lucky you as we give you a taste of this sugar-glazed wedding. Happy Sweet Monday!

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Hotel, Dressing Venue: Hotel SofitelMake Up: Diana SantosDesigner or Couture: Pat SantosPhotographer & Videographer: WishboneBridal car: Don RobertsChurch: San AgustinReception: 1Esplanade CoralSound System: c/o Sound Level / Coordination: A Magical Event by Marj Dizon