Witnessing and taking part in the union of two souls can move you to laughters, tears, and everything in between. All emotions are heightened as you watch the start of the new journey of these two people towards marriage. But these emotions are nothing compared to the feelings of the couple themselves.

Today, we feature the same edit video of the union of Jason and Lj. You will see here the roller-coaster emotions of every one who attended the ceremony. From the big burst of laughters to touching our hearts, you will witness it all in this video; a work that is worth noting to.

This video is done by the Qudos Productions and they made it with so much flair and finesse. The candid shots of the couple and guests are beautifully taken as it captures the emotions of everyone. Thanks to this team for this little perfection. Kudos to Qudos!

Videographer: Qudos Productions



Today’s feature will make you want to grab your backpacks, put on your outdoor shoes, buy any food that you can cook, and head over to the nearest park to have a wonderful, sweet afternoon with your significant other.

We share with you Paolo and Salve’s engagement session with CamZar Photography. It was a delightful shoot that was shot in greeneries. Moki Gray Designs helped conceptualize this lovely-afternoon-picnic themed session. And the outtakes are as beautiful as expected. CamZar Photography‘s attack on the outputs are spot on. It was delicately smooth.

So as you munch on your s’mores, take a look at these photos at the park.

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Hair and Make Up : Val Villarin / Stylist : Moki Gray Designs / Gowns : BKS /  Photographer: CamZar Photography