Just like that, we are already halfway through August and it’s manic Monday again. But to fend off your blues today, we bring to you the beach wedding of Joshua and Jeremy.

This union was held at Virgin Beach Resort which is true to its name for being not that commercialized yet despite its fine sands and inviting water. It’s the perfect place for this coming together. What’s striking about this wedding though is the bride’s coral wedding gown that was masterfully made by Mel Orlina. It is the definition of chic and elegance. The details stitched on were insanely good. Thanks Icebox Imaging for taking photos of this consecrated event. We love how you add story in every photo that makes it natural. With those shots in sepia, it feels like it was some kind of clips from a teleserye.

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Venue: Virgin Beach Resort / Photographer: Icebox Imaging / Videographer: Rewind Media / Gown: Mel Orlina / Make Up: Gery Penaso


The Bridge of Love

Marriage is like a bridge connecting two people. It connects two hearts to become one. Marriage also strengthens the relationship of the couple, despite all differences, misunderstandings, and problems that they may encounter. It is like a bridge that remains sturdy despite the troubled, roaring water that may pass through under it. Today as we talk about marriage and bridges, we bring to you The Gallery Photo’s take on the engagement shoot of Billy and Anna wherein the main backdrops were different bridges in Singapore.

You will enjoy skimming through the pre nup photos of this couple as we do. The Gallery Photo has captured creative shots in the Anderson and Cavenagh bridges while there was a flock of locals that gave authenticity and story to every photo. This shoot also highlights how these bridges were aesthetically and architecturally built. It is worthy to be photographed, nonetheless.

See the photos below and wait for our succeeding posts in the days to come as we continue to be the ‘bridge’ to your dream wedding.

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Photographer: The Gallery Photo