You are in for a great treat again today as we bring to you the Same Day Edit (SDE) video from the inspiring and moving union of Anthony and Sharyn.

Either way, we get to see how the story of the couple unfolds and how they put God at the center of their relationship. It’s evident how blessed theirs when they are also committed to the Lord. Through this video by Zoombox Wedding Videos, we also get to see the collaboration of the best suppliers in town: Imagine Nation for the timeless photos, Veluz for the wedding gown, K by Cunanan Catering for the styling and catering, Metro Eventscape Planners for the coordination, and the ever dashing Sam YG as the host. Let’s all start our day right with this!

Photographer: Imagine Nation / Videographer: Zoombox Wedding Videos / Coordination: Metro Eventscape Planners / Gown: Veluz / Host: Sam YG / Catering and Styling: k. by cunanan Catering / Venue: Hillcreek Gardens, Tagaytay


Let us all go down south in New Zealand and take a sneak peek at this simply beautiful union of AM and Patriz. Let us all start this day by unwinding and un-wine-ing.

We say un-wine-ing as Jetmo Project shares with us his videoessay in this kiwi wedding set in a beautiful winery. With the magnificent backdrop, who still needs protruding, larger-than-life props and accessories, right? Moreover, the simplicity of the wedding dress of the bride really stood out and echoes class. What a beautiful union just like the taste of an old-age wine.

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Videographers: Jetmo Project and Elyne Villamor of Mayad Studios / Photographer: Peter Braun and Chryseis Santos / Hair and Make Up: Raissa Morales and Kimi Asistio of Au’diva Makeup Artistry