Secret Garden

Today is a special day for our couple, Rc and Shela, as they are about to be as one — a man and wife. Yes, as we speak, they are probably preparing for the start of their coming together. While we anticipate this celebration, let us all first take a sneak peek at their engagement session.

Ruffa and Mike Photography assisted the couple in this shoot taken at the Secret Garden, which will no longer be a secret after today. With the venue’s mysticism and stillness, each brought the same mysterious that left us wanting for more. Well it’s true, because we want more and we can’t wait to witness your wedding. Congratulations and way to go!

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Venue: Secret Garden, Novaliches / Hair and Make Up: Ten Franco / Photographer: Ruffa and Mike Photography / Videographer: Jake Olaso Wedding Films / Stylist: Tipping Point Collective

White Christmas

It is official. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And as we are fast approaching the birthday of Papa Jesus, here is a wedding as white as some Christmases.

Ads and Ada both walked down the aisle in white. Although majority was filled with this neutral color, they opted for teal as an accent and it, for sure, went well together. No doubt, the couple’s Christmas will also be good as they will celebrate it first time as husband and wife. Meanwhile, these photos are by Daniel Talavera Photography. We can say Talavera found more strength in those black and white photos in which emotions were also captured. Good job!

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Preparation: Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center Manila / Ceremony: Santuario de San Jose / Reception: Oasis Manila / Coordinator: Celebrations By Marianne Chua / Gown: Edward Teng Collection / Hair and Make Up: Chichi Sotomil / Styling: Amante fleurs and the villa events / Emcee: Darlene Tan-Salazar / Lights & Sounds: Rejectkrew Professional Lights & Sounds by Elmer Bautista / Videographer: Chug Cadiogan Videography / Photographer: Daniel Talavera Photography