Through the Storm

Happy Easter, everyone! It is a brand new day and a whole new week for all of us #blessed. But we are all even more blessed with today’s feature as it will remind you of how adverse situations can be viewed as real blessings. Today, Jc and Karen share with us their beautiful coming together amidst the sudden downfall of rain.

Karen told us that the pouring cold sheets of water did not stop them to smile, be positive, and continue with their union. And it absolutely showed through these photos and video. Moreover, this situation also became challenging for all suppliers, but ironically, the rain became a beaming sunshine for the vendors, especially for Nicolai Melicor and Notion In Motion, to showcase their mad skills.

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Photographer: Nicolai Melicor / Videographer: Notion in Motion / Ceremony & Reception Venue: Ville Sommet /Preparation Venue: Hotel Monticello /Bride’s Dress: Hannah Kong / Bride’s Shoes: Waltz Manila / Make Up Artist: Mayone Bakunawa-Balbarin / Bouquets: Jacq’s Floral / Event Stylist: Eventcetera / Catering: Juan Carlo Catering / Invitations & Stationery: Glue Paper Scissors / Host: Atom Ungson / Lights and Sounds: High Impact / Rental Furniture: Botafogo Chairs / Wedding Planner, Coordinator: Canaan Celebrations by Jets and Rhona

Unity in Diversity

While some of you are still working today, some of you are possibly already on vacation since it is Holy Week. Either way, we bring to you another inspiring love story through these wedding photos magnificently taken by Foreveryday Photography.

This team tells us about the story of Nuwan and Kay who brought people from different nations to this coming together. The guests flew all the way from every continent. Despite being raised from different cultures, they were all united for this wedding. What love can do for everyone!

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Photographer: Foreveryday Photography / Videographer: Ghe Consolacion / Ceremony Venue: Nuestra Señora Del Pilar / Reception Venue: Terrazas de Punta Fuego / Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Genzel Habab / Flowers, Decor, Event Stylist: Il Fiore / Invitations & Stationery: Print Café / Band: Laraza Band / Host: Gerard Rabara (Kay’s cousin) / Wedding Planner and Coordinator: Events & Elements