Recipe of Love

Is there a recipe for good, lasting relationship? If yes, what would it be? For us, your Merry to Marry family, it has to be immeasurable love, an ounce of respect, a brimful of trust, and an allowance for mistakes. Add all of these and multiply it by God’s grace, then you will have the greatest relationship ever. Let us ask our featured couple today what the recipe of love would be.

Ryan Neal and Charmaine just had their sweet, sweet engagement session, headed by an up and coming wedding photographer — Silay Studios. Looking at these sumptuous outtakes, the couple seemed like they had a blast doing the shoot in a studio-like kitchen. Silay Studios really wants to make a name in the wedding scene with these crisp and admirable shots.

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Photographer: Silay Studios



To our dearest readers and loyal followers, Merry Christmas! May you have the loveliest one. And while we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, we bring to you a union that is one for the books. Here is Jed and Lia’s coming together.

This couple’s wedding has possibly ticked off all the names of the appropriate wedding suppliers who actually helped them achieve this amazing and consecrated event. And one of these names was Paul Vincent Photography who captured these wonderful moments. The best moment would have to be when they were photographed together while they were blindfolded. For us, it may symbolize unconditional love and guidance, just like Our Lord, Jesus Christ’s, who carried the cross and died for us.

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Photographer: Paul Vincent Photography / Venue; San Agustin Church / Reception: Hyatt Hotel and Casino