Love U

By now, we are certain that you have already spent your summer getaway. If not, we are pretty sure that La Union should be included in the list. This humble place is a top of mind for every beach lover, local or foreigner, for its oceans’ towering waves. Surfer buds and alike go to La Union to chase those rhythmic oscillations in the surface of the water. It is not surprising then, why this lovely couple, Joshua and Karen, picked this town as a backdrop for their engagement shoot.

True enough, the shore lines of La Union was highlighted and showcased in this shoot. But it was a smart move by the photographer, Joshua De Guzman, to show the other unspoiled part of this town. This showed us the craggy road that separates the hectares of corn field that gave so much country vibe, and it was brilliantly dramatic. We like the downplay made for the contrast for each still that also gave a retro feel in it. Congratulations to the photographer and to the couple who is on the road from LU to Love U.

Photographer: Project JDG


Memories of Bali

Given with much both time and money, where do you want to get married? Are you gonna go to any European city, tread the roads in Latin countries, or walk by the Asian shores? While you are thinking of a good option, let’s see where Daniel and Selly headed and got hitched.

This couple flew a few miles away from Manila and went straight to Bali, Indonesia to vow as man and wife. With the charter planes, the union was soaring. Just like the wedding, the photographer team, Jayson and Joanne, soared really high with these memories from Bali.

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Photographer: Jayson and Joanne Arquiza