In The Happiest Place

This week is not just an ordinary one as we enter the Holy Week. Today is Holy Monday and while we remember the hardships and sacrifices He made for us, let us also be inspired by this love story brought to us by Nelwin Uy Photography. Let us all start this week by having a side trip to Hong Kong and be a kid once again by visiting one of the happiest places on earth.

Hans and Meily took a trip abroad for this once-in-a-lifetime engagement session with Nelwin Uy and his team. The couple looked amazing and the smiles in their eyes shone as bright and vibrant as the city. We can only imagine how giddy and exciting this session has been for all of them while being in the midst of festivity. Sigh.

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Photographer: Nelwin Uy Photography


You and Me

TGIF. Thank God It’s Friday. We know you can’t wait to spend the weekend because we can’t wait, either. But before we all get giddy about that, let us all pause for awhile and be grateful for another feature today as Paopao Sanchez and Geof Lagria teamed up again for the coming together of Russel and Michael.

This couple truly proved to us how they love each other and how they are supported by their families and friends. For them, love certainly wins. You will come to know Russel and Michael as the happiest couple through these outtakes. Congratulations to the couple and to the team of suppliers! #PagibigWins

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Photographer: Paopao Sanchez Photo / Videographer: Team Panda Films / Coordination: Carlo Abaquita / Event Styling: Geofredo Lagria /Emcee: Romel Pareja / Wedding Preparation: Manila Hotel / Wedding Ceremony: British Embassy Manila / Wedding Reception: Maribago Blue Waters Cebu