Solid as Rock

It’s Monday again and it’s a sweater weather kind of day. Stay dry and safe!

Today, we feature an engagement session brought to us by CamZar Photography. This is from Josh and Joanne’s session in a rocky location. It was taken in a place where towering formation of rocks are in place and surrounded by fine sands. This was then taken advantage and put in good use by Camzar for capturing solid outtakes and by Roko Arceo for transforming this to a chic-camping-by-the-sea theme session.

Take a peek at these photos below.

JoshandJoannePrenup00 JoshandJoannePrenup01 JoshandJoannePrenup02 JoshandJoannePrenup03 JoshandJoannePrenup05 JoshandJoannePrenup06 JoshandJoannePrenup07 JoshandJoannePrenup09 JoshandJoannePrenup10 JoshandJoannePrenup13 JoshandJoannePrenup14 JoshandJoannePrenup15 JoshandJoannePrenup16 JoshandJoannePrenup17 JoshandJoannePrenup18 JoshandJoannePrenup21 JoshandJoannePrenup22 JoshandJoannePrenup23 JoshandJoannePrenup24 JoshandJoannePrenup25 JoshandJoannePrenup26 JoshandJoannePrenup27 JoshandJoannePrenup30 JoshandJoannePrenup31 JoshandJoannePrenup32 JoshandJoannePrenup33 JoshandJoannePrenup34 JoshandJoannePrenup35 JoshandJoannePrenup36 JoshandJoannePrenup37 JoshandJoannePrenup38 JoshandJoannePrenup39

Stylist : Roko Arceo  / Hair and Make Up: Pinky Miguel of Art of Make up by Joel Miguel / Gown: Claiza Bihasa / Photographer: CamZar Photography

Riding in Tandem

We know we have a pretty bed weather today and it’s really hard to get out of bed. You don’t want to move any muscle and just stay under the comforter. Worry no more coz our feature today will completely turn your lethargic feeling to a cheerful one, while sipping your favorite hot coffee or chocolate.

First off, they emerged in a place surrounded by blooming flowers. Those helmet and saddle bag, they look pristine and elegant. I bet you want to have one, coz I do. In addition to that, their ensemble harmonized well with the backdrop. The cute scooter definitely added meaning to the e-session. They’re riding in tandem, but not those you see in the news doing crimes, but a tandem riding through life together. Probably, the only crime they committed was stealing, coz they stole each other’s heart. Cheesy eh?!

Here comes the the woods scene. Our future bride looked like Pocahontas in her cute Native American-Indian outfit searching for her Captain John Smith. The paper mache flower and wood-carved owl superbly suited the theme of the shoot, including the bed of papers used by our couple. I wouldn’t mind lying on it when I have my loved one beside me, would you? Nog Bernido absolutely mesmerized us with the images of this engagement shoot of Neil and Louie.

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Photographer: Nog Bernido