Summer Love

With the heat and temperature rising, summer is indeed here. It is the season we bring our shades, sunblock, and swimwear out to the beach. But aside from beach festivities, we know summer is also a season for beach wedding.

Beach has already become a favorite background for weddings especially for some couples who want to be with the nature. With the tranquility and harmonious sound from the ocean crashing to and colliding with the glistening sand, the beach is a perfect venue. And with the Philippines’ hundreds of both popular and untouched paradises, beach wedding will always be on the books.

Just ask our featured couple today, Rudy and Harriet, whose beach wedding has sailed smoothly: a happy couple who chose to walk down the aisle of fine sand. And what other better shores are in our country than and but to celebrate it in Boracay Island.

We commend Von Jovi Jover and his team for navigating a good sail. Ahoy o’captain! Thank you for these photos.


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Venue: Sea Wind Resort Boracay / Event Coordinator: Boracay Weddings by Amanda Tirol / Photographer: Pleiocene Pictures / Cinematographer:  Lula Wedding Film Co. / Bride’s Hair and Make Up Artist: Jo Jacinto Ticson / Bridal Party Hair and Make Up Artist: Fern Quimpo / Flowers: Florista

Seasons of Love

“You just call out my name. And you know wherever I am. I’ll come running to see you again. Winter, spring, summer or fall. All you have to do is call. And I’ll be there. You’ve got a friend.”

We can liken this Carole King’s recognized song from the different stages of relationship, moving from season to season. From spring when the feelings start to blossom just like flowers in the hollow ocean of green, to summer when the love starts to peak as the sun is at its prime, to autumn when everything seems to start to be cold and slide down the hill, to winter when every road to being okay seems to be impassable. This is the truest test in every relationship: how to weather any season and to stick with each other in highest highs and in lowest lows. This song, however, mainly tackles friendship which we can also equate to the so-called foundation of any relationship. It says that best relationship is with your best friend—and we could not agree more—which leads us then to liken this to the stills you are about to see.

These are from Nice Print Photography, teasing every one with the photos from the celebrity couple, John and Isabel. This couple, as we all know, recently joined the bandwagon of celebrities getting engaged and tying the knot, and here are their prenuptial photos. This couple seemed like they travelled and scoured the world in achieving this very ambitious shoot. And it paid off. Beautifully. What we are envious about the most is their romantic embarkation to love. They are like best friends, adorably pestering each other around while professing their feelings for each other. The innocence yet pureness of love are showing. For sure, this couple will stand by each other no matter what as the seasons pass by.

We cannot thank Nice Print Photography enough for sharing these photos. If we were about to choose which sets of pictures is the best, then we would pick the ones in the winter season. No, we think those photos in the summer season are better. But we feel the autumn season has gorgeous outtakes, either. And the stills in the spring are breathtaking. Can we not choose, then?

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Photographer: Nice Print Photography